Apple Updates Mac OS X and iPhoto

Posted Mar 13, 2007 by macgeek
Mac OS X 10.4.9 is out and so is an update for iPhoto...
Today, Apple released an update for Mac OS X 10.4.9. This little update fixes a whole lot of things for OS X "Tiger"; but most of all tells us that Leopard is just around the corner. From colorsync to core graphics to the UNIX kernel; there were a total of about 34 updates to the OS itself.
iPhoto also received an update. The iPhoto update clears up issues with a few bugs in both the software and in Photocasting.
In all, I think this shows improvement for Mac OS X, and a little more about when we can expect Leopard. Leopard is the next operating system from Apple which is said to be coming, "In Late Spring."