Update: Canadian on-line tax filing system down for fifth day

Posted Mar 9, 2007 by soome2000

The computer glitch preventing Canadians from filing their income tax on line continues.
I wonder what the bottom line on this five day "glitch" will be?
Since March 6, the Canada Revenue Agency message is updated daily, right under the caption: "It's that quick"
If you follow the link on the main Netfile page, you will find an explanation of what to expect.
The top three notes to taxpayers who filed over the "glitchy" weekend:
- Currently, you cannot file your personal return electronically by NETFILE, TELEFILE or EFILE. Until the problem is resolved, we cannot process returns filed on paper, or returns filed electronically before the system interruption. Refunds will be delayed until processing is resumed.
- We expect that all benefit payments, including the March 20 Universal Child Care Benefit and Canada Child Tax Benefit and the April 5 Goods and Services Tax / Harmonized Sales Tax Credit, will be made on time and without interruption.
- If you have already filed your income tax return electronically, the CRA will be able to determine whether the filing of your return was affected by this problem.
Millions of Canadians are using this method to file their taxes. It is marketed as convenient, quick and utterly flawless.