Women Can Now Get Their Virginity Back

Posted Mar 8, 2007 by timmack

Yes, the latest craze, is hymen repair. Surgery will now restore your hymen and your virginity.
If you're a women that's been sleeping around, and you suddenly find a guy, that's looking for a virgin, well, now you can have you're cake and icecream to. Yes, a new form of surgery, can repair your broken hymen and completly restore it to pre-virgin status.
So, with this surgery, your new man in your life, will think that you were saving it all, just for him. And all this is only about a paltry $4900.00, and a bargain price at that, for some, I'm sure.
And of course, for those men, that just never got to be the first time love of any women, then I guess, this surgery may enhance any fantasy they may have been longing for.