Having trouble keeping your New Years Resolution?

Posted Mar 3, 2007 by Leah

This device was made to help you keep your New Year's Resolutions. You stay set on your goal until you reach it.
Every year, millions of Americans make ambitious New Year's resolutions -- from losing weight to giving up smoking to watching less television. But the hard truth is that a majority of those resolutions have been broken even before the holiday decorations come down.
I know I am one of those people who has trouble keeping my resolutions I make.
This device is said to help you keep them by giving you a brief personal message that reminds and motivates you to take action to achieve your goal. Then assign your personal message to the MotivAider's vibration so that whenever you feel the vibration, you'll automatically think the message.
Ok, now how many people are gonna get that buzz, and simply go,"Oh yeah....stop what I'm doing and think about it for a minute?"
And I can see this turning into a sexual thing for sickos out there too! A little buzz in the pocket........hmmmmmmm