Lucasarts' Clone Wars heads to handhelds

Posted Mar 3, 2007 by Aaron Robson

LucasArts has started work on a handheld title based on its CG Clone Wars TV show, according to Develop magazine.
Clone Wars will be the first internally developed handheld title for LucasArts, handled by its newly-expanded sister studio LucasArts Shanghai, which was originally setup in 2005 to produce digital film content.
Ex-Psygnosis and EA veteran Feargus Carroll takes the role of project lead, bringing with him 12 years of experience working on titles such as Freedom Fighters, Black & White 2 and Battlefield: Modern Combat.
Ok, sounds cool enough. It will be a nice change of pace. If you don't know what I mean, remember that the show for clone wars was in a cartoon format, so this porbably means that the game will be in a cartoon format as well. So I think that it would be nice not to see the amazing realistic games of Star wars this time, and just play something that looks intentionally phony but good.
But one last thing I would like to say is, why are they doing the clone wars thing now? Wasn't the clone wars first released around five or four years ago, or something like that? Wasn't the last star wars movie done and finished a couple of years ago? So I think that this game is a little late, but if they do it right, they could have something good here.