Bubble's inflatable bar brings convenience to the table

Posted Mar 1, 2007 by RobotGod

These illuminated inflatable bars will instantly add immense chic & glamour to your outdoor parties just in no time! The Bubble inflatable bar collection includes inflatable bar designs in hues of colors along with different patterns.
Now this is a cool, retro bar. And you can deflate it after you're done. I want to have a party with one of these and you are all invited. Pretty darn cool. Even our furniture/bars are becoming more futuristic now. I love it.
Oh about that party. It is IYOB....Inflate Your Own Bar. Let's see if we can get Chris Hogg to pay for it. Keep an eye on GTS, she doesn't know when enough is enough. Wolfman2001 will be the designated inflator ok? Keep Jaguar and wolfman see that rodent penis thread...nuff said...Anyway it will be quite a bash...see ya there...