Bomb killed children gathered to play football in Iraq

Posted Feb 27, 2007 by sibananda

A car bomb exploded near a football pitch killing 18 people most of them children
According to Iraqi officials a car bomb exploded near a football pitch in western city of Ramadi killing 18 people, most of them are children. They have gathered there to play football. Most of the victims were 10 to 15 years old.
Ramadi is the capital of Anbar province - the centre of Iraq's Sunni Arab insurgency.
According to BBC correspondent it was not clear whether the field was the chosen target of the bomber or not. But it is not the first time
that the bomb exploded near a football field. Last August 12 children and youth were killed in a football field by an explosion.
Since last year the rivalry between shunni and shia communities has boosted the violence in Iraq. US and Iraqi soldiers have started an operation to lessen the sectarian violence in Iraq. Bombing and killing is taking place daily in Iraq.
It seems the militants are not thinking Iraq as their own country, even killing the innocent children without mercy.