mythbusters fecal matter tests

Posted Feb 24, 2007 by conor_green

just a health tip on keeping your toothbrushes in your bathroom
okay well one day i was watching mythubusters on the discovery channel and they were doing many insane tests like usual. one of the tests was if you had your toothbrush in your bathroom could fecal matter (poo) get onto your toothbrush. They placed 24 toothbrushes disperced around the bathroom and used the bathroom whenever they needed to for a whole month.
They also had 2 toothbrushes outside the bathroom in a sealed container.everyday 2 times a day they would brush there teeth with every toothbrush including the ones out of the bathroom. after a whole month they brought every toothbrush to a lab and got them tested to see if fecal matter(poo) was on them. every toothbrush that was in the bathroom had tiny microscopic amounts of fecal matter on them. the ones outside of the bathroom did not.
This is just a little pointer keep your toothbrushes out of the bathroom!