Female condom: An effort to protect women

Posted Feb 24, 2007 by nicheguru

After males it is turn of females to wear condoms. Men would be relieved now that they don't have to fix condom around their manhood.
Now it is turn of women to wear condoms. This should come as a happy news to men who would'nt have to bother about wearing condoms during sex.
However the first reaction when Eva Yuliawati, the mother of two held the condom in her hand was whether she would be comfortable using it without any harm. The shape of female condom is different from man's. It is 17 centimeters long, 6.6 to 7 cm in diameter and made of rubber latex. A vanilla scent sponge is attached inside. Given the heavy price tag the condom may find difficult to reach women's private parts easily.
Condoms are viewed as domain of man as such woman might find it difficult to accept but nevertheless the efforts are commendable. Hope to see men free from wearing condoms soon.