Eco-friendly nanoparticles to keep Clothes clean longer, less washing

Posted Feb 20, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham

Clemson University researchers produce fabrics with nano particles, which helps reduce cleaning repels bacterias.
Researchers are producing nano particle embedded fabrics that doesn't require washing. A $28-million military research project could pay off for you at the Laundromat.
Clemson University Researchers have developed a water repellent coating using a polymer film (polyglycidyl methacrylate) combine with silver nano particles when attached to the cloth and soaked in a chemical solution, allows them to repel bacteria after the chemical finish.
There won't be any need of cleaning theoretically. But Dr. Phil Brown of Clemson University says, we still need some water to rinse away dirt and stains, but cleaning will be faster and need to be cleaned less.
It was originally developed for protecting the soldiers from biological warfare agents. The coating will also be available for other household and medical uses very soon in the next five years. Because of less washing requirement, it could help the environment with reduced water and detergent requirements.