US soldiers treated with virtual Iraq game for post traumatic stress

Posted Feb 19, 2007 by guj_*

Soldiers treated with video games?
Dozens of members of the US military are undergoing treatment for Post-traumtaic stress using simulations of traumatic experiences in Iraq. The equipment costs £5,000 and involves users wearing a headset showing scenes created with graphics from Full Spectrum Warrior(Xbox). Smells and vibrations are controlled by a doctor who can also change the environment. The treatment has so far recieved good reports.
"“With PTSD caused by war this is more difficult, so we are using virtual reality to create imagined exposure.
“We are getting good reports. I’m very cautious about making any grand claims at this point on such a small number of patients, but we have shown clinically significant declines in symptoms of anxiety.”
Recent studies have suggested that some six per cent of British part-time soldiers and four per cent of regulars returning from the current Iraq conflict suffer PTSD. "