Couple wants to get married in graveyard

Posted Feb 19, 2007 by MichaelDoherty

"When I spoke to them, they were just a normal young couple who wanted to have a wedding some place they thought was nice and serene for a very small, intimate wedding," Hoehne said. "They weren't any cult group or anything like that."
A couple of wacky young lovers want to get married in a graveyard. One fixes up hearses for fun, but neither of them feels like this makes them strange.
After being proposed to, her only one stipulation was she wanted to get married outside in a gazebo. When driving along, they noticed a gazebo up on a hill. After stopping to check it out, they fell in love with the view. And they didn't worry about it being in a cemetery.
They also plan on having bagpipes playing.
Despite worries there may be a funeral going on at the same time (talk about overbooking!), the local cemetery committee decided to allow the wedding to occur.
Did I mention she received a hearse as an engagement gift.
But as the bride puts it, "We're not going to do anything stupid or horrible. We just want to have a wedding."