Bahamas Immigration Minister Resigns Over Anna Nicole Smith Flap

Posted Feb 19, 2007 by Carolyn E. Price,2933,252680,00.html

In yet another bizarre tale associated with the mess that was Anna Nicole Smith, it would seem her reach now extends into the realm of politics.
Photos of the Bahamas' immigration minister embracing Anna Nicole Smith have forced him to resign because of speculation that the Playboy Playmate received special treatment when applying for permanent residency on the island nation.
The photos showing Immigration Minister Shane Gibson on a bed with Smith - both fully clothed - and embracing her appeared in a Bahamian newspaper.
"I want to apologize to all persons who may in any way have been offended by anything that I have said, done, or perceived to have said or done," Gibson said on state TV Sunday night. "To the extent that my beloved country has in any way suffered ... I want to apologize to the Bahamian people as a whole."
However, Mr. Gibson, who had actually fast-tracked Anna Nicole's residency application , denies that he did anything wrong and says that he did not have a sexual relationship with Smith. At least we know that he's definitely not Dannielynn's daddy!
Prime Minister Perry Christie says that he had accepted Gibbon's resignation. "However sad Shane's decision to resign may be, I also believe, as does he, that it is the correct course of action for him to take in all of the circumstances," the prime minister said on TV.
Gibson declared emphatically during a special broadcast on national TV that even though he was stepping down he was not admitting that any of the allegations against him were ture. He even went so far as calling them "vicious and wicked lies". "I unconditionally deny that I ever abused my ministerial office by granting Anna Nicole Smith any permit of which she was undeserving or for which she was not qualified under the laws of the Bahamas," he said.