New Rayman uses 360 Vision Cam

Posted Feb 16, 2007 by Aaron Robson

"Gesture Control" support added to 360 version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, but how?
The Xbox 360 version of Rayman Raving Rabbids will make use of the 360's Vision Camera.
Specifics on how the title will use it have yet to be revealed, but publisher Ubisoft has also said the 360 version will include exclusive mini-games not seen on other consoles.
Look out for Bunnies Don't Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Bunnies Don't Play Basketball being two new additions. There'll also be the mandatory 360 polish and shine on the new version too.
I think that when it gets to certain point of interactivity, would the game still be considered a video game? Have you ever seen that game at Playdium (sega city, I don't know if they still have the game there though, its been like 9 years) where you and a friend can fight each other using moton sensors? Well I have, would that cross the point of just being a video game, or is it actually considered a real fight.
The eye toy for ps2 and now for psp (well, for psp it is used as a camera) was never really of use to me, i thought that if i wanted to look at my self in the game, I would just go to the mirror and use my imagination and get the same thing.