Xbox 360 beats PS3 & PSP in Most Played Survey

Posted Feb 14, 2007 by guj_*

Nintendo systems voted most played over holiday season.
A survey conducted by Famitsu's online division found that its readers played more on the Xbox 360 than they did either on the PSP or PS3. Infact the PS3 ranked so lowly, it failed to even make the top five. No prizes are on offer for guessing which consoles took the top spots... the Wii and DS of course.
"The magazine asked readers of its website which system they most played over the holiday season. While the DS was the biggest selling system over the period, Wii was apparently the most played system, taking up 244 votes. DS came next, with 185 votes, followed by the PS2 (148), Xbox 360 (146) and PSP (115). The PS3 didn't place in the top five."