Latest food-fad -- 'space potatoes'

Posted Feb 12, 2007 by RobotGod

Having boldly gone where no spud has before, Chinese space potatoes are now the latest culinary fad to hit the country's ultra-trendy commercial hub of Shanghai.
They are purple and sweet, and are bred from seeds that mutated while being carried aboard a Chinese spacecraft.. They are named Purple Orchid Three.
Grower Haikou Purple Orchid Co. Ltd. is promoting them as a unique food option, and restaurants in the city are offering them for Valentine's Day dinners, served crispy fried, or in salads, desserts and even iced drinks, the newspaper said.
China's space program claims to have produced numerous mutated fruits and vegetables by exposing seeds to space radiation, capsule pressure and weightlessness.
Interesting news. I'm hoping that this popularize this sort of mutated fruit, and that people will turn to space in order to grow new exotic fruits Fruit is good for you and maybe it can be good to our space programs. Also, maybe we can engineer fruits to be even more packed with vitamins.