Protest over Teacher's Erotic Vampire website

Posted Feb 12, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham

A 41 year old teacher also has erotic vampire websites, she is suspended from school pending investigation.
A female teacher at a church high school is being investigated over complaints that she operates erotic vampire websites.
English and drama teacher Samantha Goldstone has agreed to stay away from St Christopher's Church of England High School in Accrington, Lancashire, after parents alerted her bosses.
Samantha Goldstone, English and drama teacher, is a part time writer of Gothic books and poems and is being investigated by the St. Christopher's Church of England High School inLancashire, England. The investigation found out that Samantha has been running erotic vampire websites.
One of her book titled Gabriele Caccini written under the pen name Paigan Stone, refers to a female student drugging a vampire male student before they have sex. She also had a MySpace website, which had lurid images and videos, had been shut down. The site also boasts her Gothic writing that contains "adult content with vampire eroticism, violence and blood lust".
The headmaster said while they are investigating Ms. Samantha Goldstone agreed not to teach till the findings are announced.
Lesley Ham, a spokesman for teaching union NASUWT said: "In writing lurid material as a teacher you would struggle to maintain professionalism and standing amongst the impressionable young people you are charged with teaching."
She should have chosen either as a writer or a teacher, but I know many writers who had to work two, three jobs to support themselves, I hope that is the case. If not, she should be barred from teaching. What is your opinion?