Valentine's Day Hater's Cards

Posted Feb 12, 2007 by holyheroeshoning;_ylt=ArqoizFtaYM3ufmpV9MkwMrtiBIF

If you hate Valentine's, you will love these cards.
American Greetings is capitalizing on a huge "61 million" women who are single and really hate Valentine's Day. They did their homework and realized that mostly women purchase cards, so based on the Census info. they have a new line of "Anti-Valentine Day" cards. Surprisingly, even married people aren't too thrilled with this holiday either.
Many married couples have purchased these cards as well. It seems that Valentine's is "too much pressure" for even those who have a sure Valentine.
Being married myself Valentine's doesn't really get too much attention either since both our birthdays are in February anyway.
We always seem to share the festivities with our birthdays and just go out for one big outing. We never buy cards either for this holiday. We just write hand written notes. It just seems more personal.