Toy Story 3 Coming Without Lasseter As Director

Posted Feb 9, 2007 by RobotGod

Toy Story 3 is coming in 2009, but John Lasseter won't be the director. Lasseter and Disney Animation president Ed Catmull provided extensive details on their upcoming slate at Disney's investor conference on Feb. 8.
They confirmed that a third Toy Story is in the works, most likely for a 2009 release, Lasseter said Lee Unkrich will helm it. Unkrich co-directed Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo, and has never before been the sole Man on a Pixar film.
Lasseter directed the first two Toy Story movies, but is apparently too busy in his new job as chief creative officer of Disney Animation to work on films. Michael Arndt, the Oscar-nominated writer of Little Miss Sunshine, is writing the script.
With all of the recent hubbub at Disney, you have to wonder if the movies will suffer. I personally dont like many newer Disney animation projects, so in my view it can only get better. Should be interesting to watch what comes out of Disney in the next year or so.