India's first-time fliers are unruly

Posted Feb 9, 2007 by Critical_Conformity

As first-time fliers take to India's skies, new budget airlines are reportedly dealing with all kinds of problems -- like passengers trying to open the doors while the planes are moving.
A passenger opened an emergency exit to soothe his nerves, passengers that tried to open the doors of an aircraft while it was moving on the runway, these are just some of the concerns cited in a security report released today.
"First-time fliers are eager to know about the aircraft and complications first-hand as they would do in a train or bus," . "But the safety implications for contacting pilots in a flying aircraft are far more stringent and can't be compromised." the CEO of Spicejet as said.
W the booming economy that has been increasing wages in this nation of more than one billion people means many people are flying for the first time in their lives -- and that has sometimes spelt chaos on board.
"Such unruly passengers are mostly first-time fliers and people who consider themselves important," the study said.
Female staff, who have to prevent the passengers from engaging in rowdy behaviour, often face the risk of assault as a result, it said.
"A couple of months back, a passenger broke the arm of a lady airport staffer," a person connected with the study told media. "Sometimes female employees have their clothes torn by unruly people inside airports."
This is very disturbing, glad I don't get on planes over there.