Handicap parking by able bodied drivers using Disabled parking permits

Posted Feb 8, 2007 by Hotttttie

Thousands of drivers using disabled parking permits and now limiting space for people who actually need it
Thousands of drivers in Ontario are parking in designated parking spots using disabled parking permits may be taking up too much space.
report claims the numbers just don't add up when it comes to how disabled parking passes are handed out in the province. There are reportedly 4,400 people over the age of 100 who have the permits, but there are only 1,700 centenarians in Ontario.
Abusing the system has caused quite a stir and many are now looking to the Government to take immediate action and Fix this problem.
Able-bodied drivers may be able to do it because the Ministry of Transportation doesn't cross-reference its permits with death records. The disabled parking permits are typically valid for five years before they have to be renewed.
Ontario Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield has vowed to revamp the system to ensure opportunistic and able-bodied motorists can no longer take advantage.