Amazon & TiVo to test movie downloads direct to TVs

Posted Feb 7, 2007 by RobotGod Inc. and TiVo Inc. will begin testing on Wednesday a service that lets users watch videos rented or bought over the Internet directly on televisions, as part of a trend to link personal computers and TVs.
Movies and TV shows from "Amazon Unbox on TiVo" will be available to download to a TiVo box from computers for playback on your television set.
"It's one thing for viewers to be looking at YouTube content online, but when it comes to full-length television and movies, for most people, it's not television until it's really on the TV," TiVo Chief Executive Tom Rogers said in a phone interview ahead of the announcement.
Consumers will need to purchase their video, or pay for the rental, from PCs. TiVo downloads of programming will count against a two-PC limit on Unbox purchases, though Unbox users can still download the programming to two handheld devices. The content cannot be burned onto DVDs.
Customers can buy TV shows for $1.99, movies for between $9.99 and $14.99, or rent movies starting at $1.99. Purchased videos are stored in each customer's personal list at for future access.
I am not sure if this is going to catch on. At first it seems like a good idea, but the prices stink, considering that you cant burn them. We will have to see where this goes.