Collection Agencies

Posted Feb 2, 2007 by Hotttttie
Whos fault would it be? Collection Agencies are Stronger But are you capable of fighting back for what you beleive is right? Do you know the rights that protect you and what is considererd harrassment?
Ever question why we get in debt? is is too much spending , lack of wages to make ends meets? some have addictions some just dont want to save , regardless we all go through very touogh times with budgeting and financing , most of us struggle to get by cheque to cheque some of us may have lost our jobs and some of us single parents , regardless it is something we learn to start to deal with as best as possible, then you get collection agencies calling and stating legal actions being rude calling non stop harrassing phone calls etc etc etc..But When Does This End? Recently I had a call from a Collection Agency calling me about a account i had with RBC over 7 years ago for a credit card that i had with them , the balance was paid to tehir IN HOUSE collection department and the file was closed as stated by the rep for RBC, Onll to get this awakening call from this collector at 8:3oam when meanwhile im asleep because i work nights , she stated "Sir i am calling on behalf of RBC regarding your visa account" shocked definetly at the time and matter of her call I stated i havent been with RBC in OVER 7 yrs and that i deal with BMO ONLY she instantly started to question me and say i owe them 536.55 for a outstanding credit card i jumped out of bed and said" PARDON ME ??" i advised her this was taken care of she assured me it was not and that RBC requested she deal as their liason officer to report this to my credit bureau, funny enough i said to her this is a joke please tell me this is a joke and she stated" NO i can assure you it isnt" she was rude irrate i asked her to send me a letter from RBC she said they dont want to deal with me? a old customer and they cant deal with me after i have had nothing but GREAT CREDIT? i said fine tehn mail me something from them i want proof i am not paying anything, she refused to comply with my request and stated that this matter will be brought to my credit bureau and filed as a R9, i advised her why would you do that to me for non reason.. HER reply" because i can and will" so with that in mind I instantly researched information with the collection activity act on the net found a few links and found that they cant actually stated legal actions with out providing liable documents , i called RBC spoke to a person named John who was Very helpful he was appologizing because in fact the account that i had Over 7 years ago was in error and showed the error was on RBCS behalf NOT mine , so i had him get me a letter and i called the female collection officer and she was rude again , i advised that i called RBC and she asked me why did i not follow her intructions i advised that I have every right to contact anyone about anything that has to do with my personal matter regardless of her Recommendations, after the arguing with her she realized that her supervisor had stated while on the phone with me to hang up they closed the file. I dont get it why are collections officers so damn rude have NO respect and demand to be treated like royalty when most treat us like garbage . I am glad to report that most of the times though that you get called there are many things you can do to have the harrassing calls STOPPED , just simply google collection or collection act in the toolbar and most of the links also provide the offices for the department that over looks collections practises.