Eric Clapton almost cancels a concert because of a wine bottle

Posted Feb 1, 2007 by didio

the company that made up the concert, a well known wine brand, printed eric Clapton´s name on the label of several bottles.
That happened at New Zeland last saturday and the company involved was 'Mission Estate Winery' wich is quite famous there!.
What was the problem?. Eric saw a bottle with his name on it and maybe because his ex-addiction to alcohol and drugs he didnt want to see his name on any alcohol product.
the spondsors didnt hide their frustration but finally they refuse to commerciallice the bottles. 'Mission Estate Winery' says that putting name on labels is usual practice since 1993 when they began doing concerts with artists like Rod Stewardt or Ray Charles.
Do you think guys Eric exagerated?? is true that people from wine corporation should have had more sense but.... 20.000 people were waiting to see him singing.