Three Arrested In Shooting Death of Louisiana Deputy

Posted Jan 28, 2007 by Brandigal (Donna)

A Louisiana Sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in an attempt to stop an armed robbery.
Alan Inzer, 43, tried to stop an armed robbery. He chased the suspects by car and then after them on foot.
One of the suspects, Daniel Pegues, 29, shot the officer and he died shortly afterwards.
Peques was arrested later at his girlfriends house and is in jail charged with 2nd degree murder. Two other suspects, Elmer Franklin, 25, and Tromale Lee Guy, 24, are also charged with 2nd degree murder.
Kenny Ray Guy, 24 was also arrested on charges of accessory after the fact.
The four suspects have a long rap sheet..between them they have 58 prior arrests and all 4 have done time in jail.
more about their prior arrests can be found here.