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Philippine leader Benigno Aquino called Friday on the trailing presidential candidates to unite against frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte, in a sensational finale to one of the nation's most divisive election campaigns.
A German court on Friday tried the first sexual assault case from chaotic New Year's celebrations in the western city of Cologne that heightened public fears about the country's record migrant influx.
Hamas Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh said on Friday his Islamist movement is not seeking war with Israel but will not tolerate its troops entering the Palestinian territory.
When one of the world's most secretive states opens the door to the international media, it keeps a firm grip on the handle.
Scientists reported Wednesday they had grown human embryos in the lab for nearly two weeks, an unprecedented feat that promises advances in assisted reproduction, stem-cell therapies and the basic understanding of how human beings form.
The chemical d-Methadone elicits antidepressant-like effects after a single administration, according to a new animal study.
Can brain death be reversed? This may sound the stuff of science fiction, but some leading biotechnology companies have been given the go ahead to run an experiment.
Scientists have reported new research that suggests there is a genetic link to obesity — at least in some cases — based on recent studies using Labradors.
NFL players were warned meat in Mexico and China may contain clenbuterol, a banned substance in the NFL, and players who consume meat in those countries may test positive for performance-enhancing substances.
Amir Khan has always been a crowd favorite in almost all of his last 34 fights spanning over 10 years since turning pro in 2005 but on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, he will play the role of an underdog against Canelo Alvarez.
WBO bantamweight contender Jessie Magdaleno could be risking his unbeaten record if he insists on facing WBO super bantamweight titlist Nonito Donaire in a title fight that could halt his six-year, 23-fight winning streak.
Real Madrid’s positive run of form during Zinedine Zidane’s tenure has been inspired by minor tactical adjustments, but the fitness of key players ultimately affected the pattern of their second leg clash with Manchester City.
Actor Andrew Bowen chatted with Digital Journal about his role as Jack in the feature film "Po." He also shares his advice for aspiring actors.
When the owner of a swinger's club that has just burned down meets the owner of a financially struggling theatre, the two men form an unlikely partnership. But their big plans run up against rampant NIMBYism.
Midnight Oil, one of Australia’s most successful rock bands, will be back on the road with a series of performances at home and overseas in 2017.
Two films in Hot Docs’ “Canadian Spectrum” explore women’s participation in war, past and present, voluntary and involuntary.
SqueezeCMM announced today a new module that will allow B2B marketers to track lead-generation and conversion from native ads.
Sunfly is celebrating 25 years as the UK's most trusted name in karaoke. The London-based company, enjoyed in bars and clubs all over the country, is set to release a new streaming service. Digital Journal asked team member Dan Maidstone all about it.
Global food giant PepsiCo has been accused of continuing human rights violations and anti-trade union practices in relation to factories in the Indian state of West Bengal.
After three consecutive years of losses, teen clothing retailer Aeropostale Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday and pledged to reorganize.
Elevator technology has remained an "up-and-down" technology for decades and done very well in getting us to the top floors of our high-rises. But a German firm has given the elevator a much-needed makeover and a new lease on life.
Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other diseases are now in the firing line more than ever with the advent of CRISPR technology and now, computer code that reprograms living cells.
Three months after announcing it at CES 2016, Samsung has officially launched its new Family Hub fridge. The smart appliance features a huge 21.5-inch touchscreen that dominates the front fascia. It pairs with a mobile app for control from the Internet.
Apple users are reporting widespread problems with the App Store today that are hiding search results for popular apps. Trying to find the official app for major brands does not display the correct results. Apple has confirmed the problem.
Spanish health authorities said they had detected the country's first known case of the microcephaly birth defect in the foetus of a pregnant woman infected with the Zika virus.
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have put forward the top ten triggers for asthma in the home. The information is useful for asthma sufferers or their carers for minimizing the impact.
Brazil's outbreak of Zika -- which has been linked to the devastating microcephaly birth defect in newborns in 1,271 cases since October -- has also killed 57 of those babies, authorities said Wednesday.
A robot has been used to operate on soft tissue for the first time. This wasn't a human controlled device; the robot operated "autonomously," according to a computer program.
When Tsai Ing-wen becomes Taiwan's president later this month, she will end a period of unprecedented rapprochement with rival Beijing -- and China is already ramping up the pressure on her new government.
On Tuesday, a number of activists several of them wearing black blindfolds around their eyes held a demonstration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa demanding that Canada sign on to the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT).
US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the nation's top Republican, said Thursday he was not yet prepared to support Donald Trump as the party's presumptive presidential nominee, signalling a deep rift within the GOP."To be perfectly candid...
Lawmakers loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pressed treason charges Thursday against four opposition colleagues for asking the Organization of American States to intervene in the country's spiraling crisis.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed a report from its website where they concluded that glyphosate was "not likely to be carcinogenic to humans." The report has been pulled offline on May 2, 2016 along with 13 other documents.
Canada began airlifting to safety up to 25,000 people from the city of Fort McMurray forced from their homes by raging forest fires in Alberta's oil sands region.
The San Andreas fault in California is one of the world's most well-known earthquake faults. But the fault's southern section has been very quiet, and for far too long, warns a leading earthquake expert.
"The fire is very large and very extreme," said a wildfire information officer on Thursday morning. This statement tells only part of the story, though. For the thousands of people who have fled for their lives, the story is never-ending.
Spanish health authorities said they had detected the country's first known case of the microcephaly birth defect in the foetus of a pregnant woman infected with the Zika virus.
In conservative Jerusalem, the last thing you might expect to find in the cramped back of a bar is a clutch of amateur drag queens railing against political and religious taboos.
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have put forward the top ten triggers for asthma in the home. The information is useful for asthma sufferers or their carers for minimizing the impact.
Two people have died in Malaysia after airbag inflators made by Japan's Takata exploded, carmaker Honda announced, raising the global toll to 13 in a scandal that has led to the biggest auto recall in US history.
Overdraft fees on checking accounts and debit cards are supposed to be a "courtesy" extended by financial institutions to cover those occasional times when we don't have the money to cover a purchase. Instead, they have become an expensive form of credit.
On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman has been chosen to grace the front of the nation's $20 bill, becoming the first African-American woman to appear on U.S. paper currency in over a century.
In the United States, paying income tax is a right of passage once a person becomes old enough to work and draw a salary. We also earn the right to complain about how much we have to shell out to the government every year. But we have it easy.
Nearly 400,000 permanently disabled Americans will have their student loans totaling $7.7 billion forgiven by the Obama administration.
A voluntary recall of 33,610 pounds of Trader Joe's Broccoli Slaw & Kale Salad with White Chicken Meat has been issued by Ghiringhelli Specialty Foods, according to a news release issued this afternoon.
Treetop Foods and SunOpta Inc. are voluntarily recalling about 100 different snack products nationwide and in Canada due to possible Listeria contamination of sunflower seeds in the products.
Hundreds of frozen food products sold under dozens of brand names are being recalled in all 50 states and Canada over listeria fears. Two people have already died from listeria infections linked to the recalled products.
Quaker Oats is being sued for millions by a man from Brooklyn who claims they use a dangerous weed killer during production.
Weaving between tables at a seaside restaurant in Libya's capital bearing freshly baked rosemary bread, Abdelmuttaleb Twigiri shuttles between the wood-fired oven and his customers in a blur of hospitality.
The European Commission, the executive arm of the 28-nation EU, on Wednesday gave conditional backing for Turks to get visa-free travel as part of a deal to solve the migrant crisis, a commissioner said."The European Commission is today proposing...
Cuban Americans wept with joy Monday as they stepped onto their parents' homeland off the first US cruise ship to sail to the island in half a century.
The first US cruise ship bound for Cuba in half a century set sail from Florida on Sunday, marking a new milestone in the rapprochement between Washington and Havana.
Two people have died in Malaysia after airbag inflators made by Japan's Takata exploded, carmaker Honda announced, raising the global toll to 13 in a scandal that has led to the biggest auto recall in US history.
Leading rideshare company Uber has agreed to pay as much as $100 million to settle a class-action lawsuit from drivers who claimed they were employees rather than independent contractors.
Drivers for Lyft, Uber and other ridesharing services will need business licenses to operate legally in San Francisco, city officials said Friday.
US entrepreneur Michael Pelletz's project of a rideshare service for women and children -- with vehicles driven by women -- has prompted such interest that he is postponing the service's launch date.
Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward, best known for his iconic sculpture of a revolver with a knotted barrel displayed outside the UN headquarters in New York, has died aged 81, Swedish officials said Wednesday.
Timothy Spall is appearing in an adaptation of Harold Pinter's 'The Caretaker' at the Old Vic in London. The play offers a new take on the old classic.
This talented lady from the southern Netherlands is renowned for her beautiful, thought-provoking and deeply striking portraits. She agreed to answer some questions put to her by Digital Journal.
You wouldn’t think a one-person Fringe show reenacting the basic plots of the original “Star Wars” trilogy would take a person very far, but British Columbia actor Charlie Ross has been doing this show for about fifteen years now.
Canadian photographer and musician Ed Hanley made an epic 85-hour, 2700-mile train journey in India, and decided to share his journey with a two-minute time lapse video.
Authorities have summoned the head of Baidu after the death of a student who sought a cancer cure on the Chinese search giant, reports said Tuesday, prompting a barrage of criticism for prioritising paid search results.
Irate Brazilians found themselves without the popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging application for the second time in six months Monday, after a court blocked the service for 72 hours.
The Internet has a huge population of parasites in the form of paid reviewers. Amazon is the main target for this global skank review scam, and it’s not at all happy about that. Five new lawsuits are trying to map out a defence.