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The Vintage Guitar God of Chelsea Meets Social Media Maven

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New York City, New York (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

In 1989, Dan Courtenay rented Chelsea Guitars known by many including New York Magazine as “Dan’s Chelsea Guitars”. The space was in the front of the historic Chelsea Hotel in New York City. That same year, Danielle Miller, social media maven, was born. Courtenay’s past 23 years at Chelsea Guitars have been enriched serving clients such as Sid Vicious, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash’s Son-In-Law, Ryan Adams, Anne Hathaway, G.E. Smith, The Hives, Kevin Bacon, and many more, while Miller’s past 23 years has been enriched by private school and intense socialization during the Information Age.

Over the past few years, Courtenay’s rent went up while he struggled to devise a plan to keep his guitar shop alive. He had always complained about the so-called “texting” generation and frequently proclaimed how he never wanted to be a part of a world where everyone texts instead of talks.

Miller explains: “Social media is our culture. It is very difficult for older generations to understand how the presence of social media in their business can provide them with a greater return. This is a whole new concept to add to the mix and takes a while to wrap your head around especially when you talk about how to measure social media return on investment or ROI. In college, I learned in my finance class that the formula for return on investment is equal to the gain from investment subtracted by the cost of investment then divided by the cost of investment. How do you measure social media ROI? Through brand awareness, brand engagement, and word of mouth... go figure.”

Courtenay now recognizes the importance of social media for his business and is thrilled to learn about social media and all the tricks of the trade from Miller. He explains: “At the end of the day, little stores like mine are like butcher shops - when I was a kid my mother would send me out to buy a piece of meat. I could go to either the grocery store or the butcher shop and get a better piece of meat... That’s what Chelsea Guitars is... a better piece of meat.” He goes on to say that, “Danielle is the real deal... she is using social media to breathe new life into the fading industry of vintage guitars.”

Miller says, “Many people believe that the vintage guitar industry is dying, including Dan, but that’s just not the case... the game is merely changing. When utilized correctly social media has the ability to give a voice to the little stores and shops that seem to be fast disappearing from New York. Like Dan has said previously... Chelsea Guitars is a better cut of meat.”

Courtenay leaves us with one of his coveted anecdotes: “My dad said something to me once. He said, ‘New York is going to be around a lot longer than you or I.’ There will always be people like us coming to the city, people with this kind of great passion, because that’s what drives New York.”

Chelsea grew up around Chelsea Guitars and now Chelsea Guitars is going to grow up around Chelsea by using social media to expand Chelsea Guitars’ shrine of music, pop-culture stories, and anecdotes to more then just those in Chelsea. Beginning with no social media presence at all in just a little less than a month, Chelsea guitars' twitter, @LittleGiantDan, has 1949 followers, and Dan's Chelsea Guitar Facebook Fan Page has 431 likes.

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