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The Jump Manual Review: Exposes New Vertical Jump Training Software

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Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

"The Jump Manual has been receiving increased national media attention," reports Vince Delmonico of "We decided to take a look at this program and see if it could really help to increase one's vertical jump in just two weeks as the program claims."

The Jump Manual is a vertical jump training program developed by athletic training expert Jacob Hiller who has been actively involved in vertical jump training for over a decade. Hiller has personally achieved a forty four inch vertical jump and has trained and consulted with coaches and athletes at all levels, from high school, to the NBA and Olympic athletes.

Delmonico calls Hiller the "go to guy" for anyone looking to improve their vertical jump:

"The breakthroughs Hiller has achieved in the field of vertical jump training are truly remarkable," says Delmonico. "He's been using the Jump Manual since 2004 with basketball players, volleyball players and other elite athletes whom he trains personally. He is continually working to improve his system even more and to further perfect his vertical jump methods"

The Jump Manual is available digitally online and is intended to be "all in one" vertical jump training software, compatible with all popular computer platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Included in the program are workout charts, a video training library, an exact nutrition plan, weight room alternatives (for those without access to a fitness center), a training forum, interviews with NBA coaches, and more. Many consider the most impressive bonus to be the unlimited one-on-one training that is included via email.

"The Jump Manual truly goes above and beyond anything I have ever seen in a vertical jump training guide," says Delmonico. "Jacob Hiller has developed a multifaceted approach that addresses a total of nine different improvable aspects. Each of these can be improved to increase your vertical jump explosion and quickness. And if you have questions about anything they will coach you via email."

While some skeptics may question whether this level of vertical jump training is necessary to reach ones potential, those seeking peak performance will undoubtedly continue to seek out Hiller's training.

"I could only barely dunk a volleyball from a running start", says a satisfied customer on Hiller's website. "Now I can stand under the rim and dunk a basketball with 2 hands, it's freakin nuts! I recommended the program to my entire team!"

Those wishing to purchase The Jump Manual can take advantage of unlimited one-on-one email coaching while it is still available on: The Jump Manual Website.

Those seeking to improve their vertical jump specifically for improved volleyball performance can visit:

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