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Press Release

Pain-ridden Canadians conflicted about pills

Canada NewsWire

Canadian innovation brings newfound efficacy to topical pain creams, deemed "game-changer" by legendary Bobby Orr

CHARLOTTETOWN and BURLINGTON, ON, Sept. 10, 2012 /CNW/ - A new study has discovered a staggering 90 per cent of Canadians have purchased pain medication or treatments in the last year alone, while one third of Canadians (32 per cent) reported missing work due to their pain.  These are some of the newly released findings from a study entitled The Canadian Pain Management Report, commissioned by Delivra Inc., an innovative bio-medical research company.  The survey was conducted on the Angus Reid Forum in August 2012.

"Though we may be a pain-ridden country, as a nation, we seem conflicted about pain pills," explained Dr. Joseph Gabriele, molecular pharmacologist, university professor and chief scientific officer at Delivra Inc. "Our survey found 74 per cent of respondents avoid taking pain pills whenever they can, due to concerns such as adverse side effects and the potential habit forming nature of the pills."

Moreover, 30 per cent of respondents indicated they would do away with pills and prefer topical creams for their ailments if given a choice. But when it comes to topical pain creams, the problem to date has been efficacy.  Only 17 per cent of respondents would give topical pain creams a rating of 8 out of 10 or higher for efficacy, compared to 57 per cent who would give oral pain medications the same top grades.

Delivra™ the ground-breaking technology, discovered by Dr. Gabriele, brings a newfound efficacy to topical pain creams.  This proprietary "transport system" actually mimics skin's natural structure allowing medicinal ingredients to safely and effectively penetrate deep into the skin - to directly reach the actual source of pain within the body.

As a result, Delivra Inc.'s new line of topical pain relief creams, LivRelief™ and LivSport™ stand miles apart from the efficacy of other over-the-counter creams. This is because of a combination of the Delivra technology with several natural active ingredients including Rutin (in the LivRelief Pain Relief Cream), an all-natural plant extract with antioxidant properties, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving capabilities.

"I tried so many different pain relief products to better manage the pain and discomfort and ultimately, I just learned to live with it for years," said Bobby Orr, former NHL player and Hockey Hall of Famer.  "But I can honestly say that LivRelief has greatly improved my quality of life - it can't be overstated - this is a game-changer because it works."

In clinical testing, the LivRelief line of creams boast unprecedented results:

  • Almost 700 per cent more effective in penetrating deep through the skin1 - no other topical pain cream in the world can provide such relief deep within the body
  • An absorption rate that is six times stronger than its competitors2
  • Address five of the 11 pain pathways in the body, compared to other current topical pain relief creams which only target one pain pathway3
  • Safe for use on children

The Canadian Pain Management Report and the official launch of LivRelief products across Canada come on the heels of a new government announcement, investing funds into the further development of Delivra, Canada's promising new homegrown technological innovation.  Thanks to the investment, Delivra Inc. will conduct new research in its laboratory at the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Partnership Facility in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Other applications for Delivra™ in the health and wellness sectors show great potential for health and beauty products, supplements, and medications.

"One day, Delivra may be able to provide the same anti-aging benefits in a topical cream that people can only get from cosmetic injectables today," explained Dr. Gabriele.  "There are a multitude of potential applications for this technology, with global implications."

This kind of potential may be exciting news for Canadians in search of great anti-aging solutions. According to the survey findings, 41 per cent of respondents said if they were given the choice, they would chose topical creams over cosmetic injectables as their preferred advanced anti-aging treatment.

From August 30 to August 31, 2012 an online survey was conducted among 1,510 randomly selected Canadian adults who are on the Angus Reid Forum. The margin of error is +/- 2.52%, 19 times out of 20. The results have been statistically weighted according to age, gender, region and education (and language in Quebec) to ensure a representative sample.

LivRelief and LivSport products are now available in select drugstores, health food stores and grocery stores across Canada, and in GNC stores across North America, with suggested retail prices ranging from $24.99 to $29.99.

About Delivra Inc.
Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Delivra Inc. is comprised of a team of innovators who bring together a collective 125 years of medical and corporate experience. The goal of the company is to develop natural, safe and effective medications, using the revolutionary new delivery system, Delivra™. Consumers requiring further information on the various LivRelief™ products or the results of clinical trials can visit Consumers requiring further information on the LivSport™ product offerings can visit

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1 Based on results of a clinical trial of Delivra™ conducted by Delivra Inc.

2 Based on results of a clinical trial of Delivra™ conducted by Delivra Inc.

3 Based on results of clinical trials of LivRelief™ Pain Relief Cream conducted by Delivra Inc.


SOURCE: Delivra Inc.