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Dr. Sean Ceaser, Naturopathic Doctor, Responds to New Chemotherapy Study Showing Treatment May Sustain Tumor Growth

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Winnipeg, MB (PRWEB) August 29, 2012

A new study published online August 5, shows that chemotherapy may actually sustain tumor growth and causes resistance to subsequent chemotherapy treatments. This is not good news for patients choosing chemotherapy treatment for their cancer. Side effects of chemotherapy treatment, including immune suppression, fatigue, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, hair loss and many others, are already known to be debilitating. The results of the study are not surprising for advocates of alternative cancer treatments like Dr. Sean Ceaser, a Canadian doctor of naturopathic medicine. “The more that we study the effects and the success rate of chemotherapy, the more we will come to realize its ineffectiveness and harmfulness,” says Dr. Ceaser.

The current study, published in Nature Medicine, tested the effects of chemotherapy on men with prostate cancer. The researchers found evidence that neighboring healthy cells were also destroyed by chemotherapy. The harsh cancer treatment releases a protein that helps to protect neighboring cancer cells, making them more invasive and resistant to further treatments. “What the study fails to mention is chemotherapy’s already poor track record for prostate, breast, lung and many other cancers,” says Dr. Ceaser, who offers various alternative cancer treatment options. “Chemo’s success with these cancers is only just over 2%. (See Royal North Shore Hospital Study) It should make anyone wondering if chemo is suitable for them look to other therapies, especially alternative natural therapies, which offer anti-cancer benefits without side effects.”

Alternative cancer therapies, such as high-dose intravenous vitamin C are natural chemotherapy agents that do not destroy healthy cells. How does this work? Dr. Ceaser says that it is because Vitamin C enters every cell of the body. The high doses given during Vitamin C treatment (50,000mg and higher) are delivered intravenously, and are converted in cells to hydrogen peroxide. (See Canadian Medical Journal). Healthy cells contain enzymes such as catalase, which convert hydrogen peroxide to oxygen. However, cancer cells do not contain these enzymes and the hydrogen peroxide causes oxidative damage to these cancer cells which then die off. Many advocates of alternative cancer treatments feel the study further proves options like these are preferable to chemotherapy, especially in light of this new study.

Dr. Sean Ceaser is a doctor of naturopathic medicine from Canada. He offers a variety of natural treatments and therapies from offices in Winnipeg, MB and Victoria, BC. For more information on Intravenous Vitamin C and other alternative cancer therapies visit

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