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A Selection of Top Ten Smallest Bathroom Vanities under 20 Inches is Introduced by – Home Improvement Super Store

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(PRWEB) August 27, 2012 – the Home Improvement Super Store has made their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer, with that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced.

Balancing storage space and simple functionality becomes more difficult the smaller the space is. introduced a selection of smallest bathroom vanities under 20” wide to fit the tightest spaces while adding to the style and make the most of the small bathroom, to help the consumers use the space as efficiently as possible.

1.    The Pedestal
The easiest solution when shopping small bathroom vanities is to opt for a pedestal vanity. The problem is, while pedestal vanities and pedestal sinks are quite small – and make a nice display for a beautiful vessel sink – they often run into the problem of not having much storage, or in some cases none at all. The Roman Column Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive is a really nice exception. The smallest vanity on this list at a mere foot wide and foot deep, it’s also completely hollow, and divided on the inside with convenient shelves for storage.

2.    The Wall Mount
Wall mounted bathroom vanities are a good option in a small bathroom as well. The Marina Vanity by Vigo Industries is a lean 16 inches wide. The design is supremely minimal, with a counter that’s taken up almost entirely by the sink, and an offset faucet that means the vanity itself is less than 11 inches deep. Having this vanity is basically like installing a little cubby on the wall that happens to accommodate tooth brushing and hand washing. It takes up virtually no space.

Wall mounted bathroom vanities are also available in slightly larger sizes. The 20 inch Dark Espresso vanity from Bellaterra Home is a little wider, a little deeper, and about the same height as the Marina vanity, offering more storage space but also protruding a little farther from the wall.

For a more unified look, there are vanities like Cube Vanity from Avanity that come with the vanity and the mirror built into a single unit. This doesn’t really take up any more or less space – the panel doesn’t push the vanity out any farther nor does it offer any real tangible benefit – but it does help visually alter the space. Because the vanity is a trim 16 inches wide and done in a very dark wenge finish, it basically acts as a tall, slim stripe through the middle of the bathroom wall, which can help visually raise the ceiling and elongate the room.

3.    The Corner Vanity
This is one of the very few exceptions to the 20 inch or under rule of this list, but it’s for a good reason. Corner bathroom vanity is a good fit for a small bathroom, because it takes advantage of the least usable space, minimizing the footprint of the vanity while providing the maximum amount of storage. For example, Richmond Vanity by Pegasus is 32 inches wide, it’s sliced diagonally to half of what an ordinary vanity would be, and definitely deserves a spot among the best small bathroom vanities. Another great example of a small corner vanity is Biltmore Corner Cabinet Vanity by Empire Industries.

4.    The Oldie But Goodie
Sometimes the best designs are ones that came and went a hundred years ago. The Bonne Maman vanity from Herbeau is a narrow 17 inches at the widest point, and is based on washbasin stands from the Provincial French countryside. With two simple shelves and a beautiful natural wood finish, this vanity adds a touch of lightness and old country charm to any bathroom – no matter how small. Among small bathroom vanities, this one is probably the most friendly to a non-modern design, which can be difficult to do when going for a compact bathroom vanity.

For a vintage or antique style bathroom, it can be a little harder to play the balance game between storage and design. While the two shelves on the Bonne Maman are nice, and more or less sufficient, the “drawer” isn’t – it’s a space to accommodate the plumbing. If going for some hidden space, a closed design like the Mars Vanity from Stufurhome would be a better fit. This is the second exception on this list and clocks in at a slightly larger 22 inches wide, but has a full sized cabinet with shelves inside

5.    Simple, Modern, And Stuffed With Storage
If looking for the smallest bathroom vanities possible while maximizing storage space, a modern design offers best options. Something simple like Calantha Vanity from Vigo Industries is a slim 20 inches with a wide sink basin but enough space to store a few essentials on the counter. The curved double doors are the real star, though, deepening and slightly widening the interior space to invisibly maximize the interior storage without significantly increasing the footprint.

The trim, 16 inch Aristo vanity by Vigo is about as lean as they come, but has everything needed in a simple, squared package – a simple, deep, easy to reach cabinet, a small open shelf, and a sink that’s subtly but stylishly raised just slightly above the surface of the counter to give the vanity a little personality. is not only a home improvement superstore, it also provides expert design tips and a comprehensive shopping guide, taking the ideas from professional interior designers, and offering tips to the consumers on how to pick the products to best suit their needs.

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