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Press Release

Baking is so Last Year – Now the Barbecue Trend is Sizzling (Despite the Damp Weather)

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Brighton, UK (PRWEB UK) 18 July 2012

“The baking renaissance that began last year is a very clear example of a food trend,” said Mike Stainthorpe of luxury home delivery food retailer Forman & Field. “Thanks partly to our increasingly continental café culture and partly to the success of programmes such as The Great British bake-off, recession-minded Britons started rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in. What I found interesting – and heartening – was that it was a trend led by younger people. That’s also true of this year’s food fashion for barbecuing.”

Once synonymous with a disposable foil tray and some supermarket-bought sausages, the humble barbecue is being taken to new heights by UK consumers.

“Like baking, the barbecue trend is a conscious move away from ‘fancy’ food,” said Mike. "We see it as being about stripping things back, saving money and enjoying simple flavours and pleasures. And you can go to extremes with barbecuing – by that I mean extremely healthy or extremely unhealthy – which means it can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever their diet.”

On one hand, the Dukan diet (which reportedly counts definite trendsetter Kate Middleton among its fans) is said to be behind the 230% increase in sales of squid – which takes only a minute or so to cook on a hot grill. On the other hand is the kind of barbecuing that Guardian food critic Jay Rayner recently described as ‘dirty food – and I mean that in a very good way.’

“What interests me is how competitive it’s getting. What was, in this country, a typically male activity which usually involved just blackening some kind of meat is turning into a popular mainstream activity that involves different types of cooking and imaginative recipes,” said Mike. “With people making their own sauces, breads and salads barbecuing is becoming more like the family or fiesta event that we see in other countries with established ‘scenes’.”

The retailer is launching a new line of Great British Beef Boxes that are perfect for the outdoor grill, as well as mouthwatering meats, fish and sauces favoured by Britain’s new barbecue aficionados. “Barbecue is all about great quality food cooked simply but well, which is exactly what we aim to deliver via our independent British producers,” said Mike. “This is one food trend we see running and running, as people invest in equipment, develop their skills and get a taste for those smoky, outdoors flavours. Nevermind the weather!”

About Forman & Field:

Launched in 2002, Forman & Field is a fine food mail order company specialising in hampers and seasonal and Christmas Great British produce from small, independent producers. We share our premises in East London with our parent company, H. Forman & Son, a 100 year old family business supplying smoked salmon, caviar and other smoked and fresh fish to the world's leading hotels and finest restaurants. Visit this page to see more of our range.

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