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Inventor’s Wife Now “Sees” Migraine Relief

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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

For almost two decades, Kerrie Smyres has suffered from debilitating chronic migraine. As a patient, she has seen numerous specialists and tried countless treatments. Keeping track of her symptoms and triggers in a headache diary helped Kerrie identify some big issues. “Beyond being painfully sensitive to light during a migraine, fluorescent lights clearly triggered attacks,” says Kerrie.

Painful light sensitivity is extremely common, affecting an estimated 90% of migraine sufferers. Fluorescent lights can trigger attacks and are everywhere from stores to classrooms to doctors’ offices, preventing many from doing everyday tasks. “Bright fluorescent lighting normally makes my head explode within minutes,” says Sue Ivany. “Avoiding them has always made my personal and work life harder.”

But now Kerrie, Sue, and others are “seeing” some much-needed relief through a specialized pair of migraine glasses called TheraSpecs. Studies have shown that these precision-tinted glasses can protect wearers from light.

“Watching my wife suffer every day has been agonizing,” says Kerrie’s husband, Hart Shafer. “We were excited to learn that a special tint would help Kerrie, but were frustrated that we couldn’t find glasses designed specifically for migraine sufferers. So I took the plunge and made some.”

Kerrie and Hart worked together to find the right design – wraparound for maximum protection but lightweight and flexible to minimize pressure on sensitive heads. “I put them on one day and haven’t taken them off since,” Kerrie says. “Well, except to sleep! I can hardly believe I lived without them for so long. There’s no way I could function without them now and they have given me back the freedom to go wherever I want.”

Julie Price is another patient who saw similar immediate relief. “My first word after putting TheraSpecs on was ‘ahhhh!’ They are nothing short of a small miracle for this chronic migraineur.”

TheraSpecs debuted earlier this year and the reception has been very positive. “Regardless of what happens with the company, the real success has been seeing my wife have better days because of these glasses,” says Hart. “The difference in her quality of life has been enormous and I would have done all this just to see her improvement.”

Kerrie, Hart, and Sue are all available for interview – contact us to schedule.

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