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Press Release

CFS New Money Supply to Follow the Fed - Press Conference

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NEW YORK, June 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On June 20 at 9:00 a.m. EST, the Center for Financial Stability (CFS) will be releasing the most current and broadest measure of the money supply available for the U.S.  New proprietary CFS data will provide a crucial barometer to measure Fed actions and shadow banking in real time.

Today advanced measurement of money is needed more than ever.  In reality, the Federal Reserve no longer targets interest rates coincident with a funds rate that hovers near zero.  Current Fed policy can be understood as de facto targeting the money supply.  Unfortunately, appropriate tools to measure money are no longer released by the official sector.

We invite you to a PRESS CONFERENCE on June 20 at 9:00 EDT at the Penn Club of New York or by conference line where we will:

  • Announce and release new money supply and shadow banking data;
  • Discuss policy and market implications of the most recent data by CFS President Lawrence Goodman;
  • Provide brief comments by Professor William A. Barnett, Director of CFS Advances in Monetary and Financial Measurement, on why CFS money supply is needed and why the public should care;
  • Open up the discussion with a question and answer session.

Please r.s.v.p. to LeAnn Yee, Manager of Communications and Development at or (212) 626-2660 to confirm your attendance.  Please state if you will be attending IN PERSON or VIA PHONE.

For more information on CFS Divisia aggregates please visit our website at

We hope that you will find the CFS a valuable resource and that our new money supply data aid your efforts to evaluate the economy and monitor US monetary policy more accurately.

The Center for Financial Stability is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, independent think tank dedicated to financial markets for the benefit of investors, officials, and the public.

SOURCE Center for Financial Stability