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Smoking Dads Get Special Treat, Solar Cigarette Marks Down Its Smokeless Cigarette

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 17, 2012

Smokeless cigarettes are the best smoking alternatives. They have a lot of good things to offer in health and even financial terms. is adding more to those good things.

Just recently, released its flavored cartridges. According to the company, with those youth-phoric cartridges, ecig users can get more health benefits. In addition to that, the company also just marked down its electronic cigarette and ecig accessories by 27% percent.

As an ecig company, SolarCigarette's primary mission is to provide smokers a one of a kind electric cigarette. And with its ecig also called as Solar Cigarette, that mission was completed.

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Like any other ecig, Solar Cigarette uses no tobacco to work. That saves smokers from taking in smoke full of carcinogens. Even non-smokers are saved from the high risk of developing many illnesses often associated with smoking. Among those diseases are cancers, cardiovascular disorders and respiratory illnesses.

Given that ecigarettes are reusable, it follows that the product also helps reduce smoking expenses. “With an ecig, smokers can significantly lessen the amount they spend every day for smoking by half or even more,” said a representative of the company.

However, apart from those standard ecig benefits, Solar Cigarette also offers weight loss help. That perk is basically what sets it apart from other ecigarettes in the market. And because of that added benefit, more and more smokers, including celebrities, prefer to use it over others.

But the good things don't end there. As it was earlier mentioned, the company also just brought out its flavored cartridges. And with them are more health benefits, said the rep.

See All SolarCigarette's Flavored Cartridges

Particularly, it is the company's “Fountain of Youth” Cartridge Set that offers many more health benefits. Included in the said set are the Vitamin B Cartridge Pack, Coenzyme Q10 Cartridge Pack, Fountain of Youth Cartridge Pack and Ginseng Cartridge. All of them offers aid in battling age-related disorders and other specific help for a better health.

And more than reducing the everyday smoking expense, Solar Cigarette also got another financial benefit to give – 27% discount on its ecig and accessories as stated. The company said it's their present to all the fathers who want to quit smoking and their way of lauding them this coming Father's Day. Buyers just have to fill in the coupon code “DAD” at checkout to get the discount, it explained.

Father's Day Treat Ends on Sunday Order Solar Cigarette and Take Advantage of the Big Discount Today.

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