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Press Release

UFS Declares that Columbia's Acceptance of Jaafari is an Affront to Syrian People

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Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

United For A Free Syria (UFS) urges Columbia University to rescind the admission of Sheherazad Jaafari into its graduate program at the School of International and Public Affairs. UFS maintains that as an active aide to Bashar Al-Assad and his regime, Jaafari’s acceptance to Columbia is an affront to the Syrian cause and the suffering of the Syrian people.

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The uproar caused by Jaafari’s admission to Columbia University was prompted by her active role in advising Assad on how to spin and cover up the massacres being committed by the regime, according to the New York Post. Since the Syrian uprising began, she has acted as media advisor to Assad and has made no statements condemning the regime’s brutal massacring of her fellow Syrians. Jaafari's activities and involvement with Assad, as reported by The Guardian, were publicly revealed in early February following e-mail leaks that garnered much media attention.

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Currently circulating on the web is a petition to Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs to revoke Jaafari’s admission. The petition, supported by nearly 1,500 signatures, states:

“In light of the ongoing bloody atrocities committed by the Assad regime against unarmed civilians in Syria, and given the fact that Sheherazad Jaafari is working as a direct aide and advisor to Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad, we urge Columbia University to adhere to general ethical principles and rescind admission to Jaafari, who has been aiding the leader of a criminal, dictatorial regime that has killed tens of thousands of Syrian civilians.”

Rescind Admission of Assad Aide Sheherazade Jaafari to Columbia University []

According to The Telegraph, Jaafari’s application to Columbia was aided by a recommendation from Barbara Walters, whom she had helped in arranging for the infamous Assad interview that took place in December 2011. Jaafari also happens to be the daughter of the Syrian ambassador to the U.N., Bashar Jaafari.

UFS Chairman Dr. Yahya Basha stated, “Jaafari has been actively involved in the Assad propaganda machine that repeatedly denies its brutal murder of Syrian civilians. Columbia University must distance itself from any and all connections with the Assad regime. We hope that this well-respected institution will rescind Jaafari’s admission and align itself with the Syrian struggle for freedom and democracy.”

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