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Facebook Policy Change Presents New Parenting Challenges

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West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 08, 2012

In response to Facebook’s announcement that it is officially changing its policy to allow children under the age of 13 to use its immensely popular yet often controversial and consequential Social Networking software, today announced the posting of the article ‘Little Kids + Facebook = No Good.’ The article constitutes both a warning to and guideline for parents and guardians about the dangers of family life in today’s technologically challenging world.

“Parents need to use technology to fight technology and start paying attention and monitoring what their kids are doing online,” said Lisa Shaw, Editor of and Senior Director of Child Online Safety at SpectorSoft, the leader in monitoring software and protecting kids online and on their smartphones. “Hope is not a strategy. Parents need to protect their kids with the same kind of passion and enthusiasm they do in the real world. The reality is that the online world IS the real world for kids today. The line is completely blurred."

“Most parents wouldn’t dream of letting their kids 12 and under go hang out at a party with much older children because they don’t want their kids exposed to things for which they are just not ready. Once your child’s innocence is lost, you cannot get it back. So how come many of these same parents don’t think twice about letting their 12-year-old daughter set up a Facebook account or video chat and let her visit that online world in her bedroom with the door shut?”

The following is summary of the points stressed in the article ‘Little Kids + Facebook = No Good’ available at

  • Trust Is Not the Best Way To Protect Your Kids Online.
  • Web Filtering Software Is Not Enough.
  • Just Because Your Kids Are ‘Perfect’ There Is A Good Chance Their Friends Are Not.
  • Parents Need To Bring Their Skills and tools Up To Speed … NOW.

The complete ‘Little Kids + Facebook = No Good’ is available for review at Some additional topics to be found on include:

“Facebook itself has gone on the record to suggest it is a good idea to monitor what kids 12 and under do online,” said Shaw. “But Facebook is just one site of which parents should be aware. There are countless other questionable and yes – dangerous -- places kids go to online. Places where they may become subject to cyberbullying, sexual predators, and pedophiles.

Parents spend an incredible amount of money and time parenting today … many thousands of dollars trying to make sure their kids are safe, making good choices, and basically growing up to be wonderful young adults. Given this nearly universal intent, I find it baffling that some parents still question whether they should monitor and protect their kids online. The reality is that parents and guardians need to keep up with the times if they want to be effective parents … if they want to keep their children safe.

The time to bring the parenting tool kit up to 2012 standards is now – and monitoring software in the face of Social Networking, YouTube, and the often dark side of the Internet – is one of the key tools in that kit.”

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About Lisa Shaw
Shaw, a mother of five and Harvard MBA, is SpectorSoft's Senior Director of Child Online Safety where she assists in driving innovation and evangelizing the need to protect children in today's digital world. She also serves as Editor for, providing expert articles, Questions and Answers, signs and symptoms, teen perspectives, and a community designed to answer parental questions, keep them aware of current trends, today’s vernacular, and the resources to preserve family safety.

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