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Press Release

New Research Reveals Bed Bugs' ability to transfer harmful bacteria

Canada NewsWire

Bed bug bites were long thought to be relatively safe, but recently published reports indicate that bed bug bites can indeed transfer dangerous pathogens

TORONTO, June 7, 2012 /CNW/ - Researchers and scientists have studied bed bugs for many decades and have generally come to the conclusion that bed bugs could not transfer dangerous pathogens. However, recently published reports by Sean Abbott, Ph. D., senior biologist for Natural Link Mold Lab (NLML) determined that bed bugs have the ability to transfer live staphylococcus aureus (staph).

One recent report describes a Tennessee man's luxurious getaway to a premium rental cabin, which turned into a trip to the E.R. after he received multiple bed bug bites causing a severe bacterial staph infection. Fortunately, the man's infection, located on his leg, responded positively to an E.R.-prescribed oral antibiotic and he fully recovered from the infection approximately two weeks later.

Due to these recent discoveries, the Bed Bug Division of Magical Pest Control urges property managers to protect their tenants or renters from potentially lethal bed bug bites by hiring a licensed bed bug detection team to inspect their properties for bed bugs and bed bug eggs before opening their doors to customers.

"With the recent news of bed bugs transferring deadly pathogens, anyone renting their property must now take on the serious moral responsibility of hiring an expert bed bug detection team to perform a quick bed bug inspection of their property to ensure the health and safety of their tenants and renters," says Alex Dayan, manager of Magical Pest Control. "If bed bugs are detected, the best method of getting rid of them is through ThermaPureHeat treatment which is eco-friendly and pesticide-free."

Magical Pest Control's ThermaPureHeat treatment penetrates deep into a structure's cracks and crevices to kill bed bugs and their eggs where they are hiding. Pesticides, in contrast, are typically not effective in exterminating bed bug eggs, therefore, when relying on pesticides multiple treatments are often required to kill bed bugs after eggs hatch. With ThermaPureHeat, only one treatment is required to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs simultaneously.

For a free bed bug consultation or to book a bed bug inspection, contact

Magical Pest Control

Magical Pest Control is a Canadian owned and operated pest-management company based in Toronto, Ontario. Magical is composed of a large team of government licensed technicians. In business since 1997, it is one of the largest pest control providers to the property management sector. While specializing in pest management for apartments, condos and commercial accounts, Magical also services residential homes and office complexes.

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