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Restaurant Owners Seek New Methods for Combating Yelp Reviews

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New York, NY (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

There are few experiences more frustrating than getting dressed up and spending one’s hard-earned money on a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, only to find that either the food or the service is sorely lacking. MSNBC reports that a new mobile app provides restaurant patrons with a way to communicate directly with restaurant managers about these negative experiences. The program is called Talk to the Manager, and it allows restaurant customers to essentially text their feedback to the eating establishment’s leadership team. Ideally, the restaurant owner can make the necessary improvements, and send the patron an apology; the patron, meanwhile, can skip the process of publishing a nasty, public review on a site like Yelp. However, for many consumers, posting a negative online review is still the more satisfying course of action—even though it can often prove detrimental to the restaurants themselves. The industry-leading reputation management firm Reputation Changer has announced new review suppression services to help restaurant owners protect themselves against this unwanted online publicity.

Cliff Stein, who serves as the General Manager for Reputation Changer, says that an app like Talk to the Manager is a good idea, but is ultimately unlikely to spell the end of review sites like Yelp. “Certainly, an app like this one seems constructive, allowing patrons to express their criticism privately, and for restaurant managers to respond in kind,” says Stein. “The simple reality, though, is that not all restaurant patrons are interested in being constructive. Some might be so frustrated by their bad experience that they simply want to enact their vengeance on the restaurant. That’s why they turn to a site like Yelp; it’s also why so many of the reviews on Yelp tend to be unreasonable or unconstructive.”

Reputation Changer has long offered services to businesses of all kinds, but is now focusing much of its attention on those companies seeking to combat the negative consequences of bad reviews on review sites like Yelp. Stein says these unwanted reviews can prove particularly detrimental to restaurants. “Especially during tough times, economically, people want to make sure they’re only spending their money on a meal, and an experience, that they’ll truly enjoy,” Stein observes. “If your restaurant only had lousy reviews on Google, you can bet that it’s going to lead to a significant decrease in sales.”

Indeed, the Reputation Changer manager says that bad reviews can be ruinous for restaurants, whether from Yelp or some other review site. “It doesn’t matter how fair the reviews are, whether they’re submitted by a disgruntled customer or even a former employee,” says Stein. “These days, people turn to online reviews to help them make their purchasing decisions. Online reviews are mightily influential when it comes to consumer behavior—so if your establishment is getting bad reviews on Google, that’s bad news, period.”

A company like Reputation Changer can help restaurants and other businesses fight back against these bad reviews—but it doesn’t work the way most people think it does. “People think you can remove or erase these online reviews somehow, but of course, that’s not true at all,” Stein confirms. “What we can do, at Reputation Changer, is suppress them.”

Suppression essentially means burying those bad reviews under a mountain of positive publicity. “We will develop huge volumes of positive content that presents the restaurant in a very appealing way, and then we’ll flood Google, Bing, and Yahoo with all that content,” says Stein. “That pushes the bad reviews off the first page of Google, so when a potential customer seeks information about the restaurant, he or she only sees the good stuff.”

Stein says that Reputation Changer has offered these review management services to restaurants throughout the country, as well as hotels, small businesses, and even Fortune 500 brands.


Founded in 2009 by a team of online marketing and sales professionals, Reputation Changer is one of the premier providers of online reputation management. The company works 24/7 to provide comprehensive reputation management strategies to its clients, which have included politicians, public figures, Fortune 500 companies, and more. Reputation Changer owns several media outlets, and is known for its innovation in positive SEO techniques, social media implementation, and other strategies. The company is also unique for the custom, individualized process it takes for every client and every campaign.

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