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7 Tips to Ensure Your Business is Ready for Take Your Dog To Work Day®

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King, NC (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day® is right around the corner. On Friday, June 22, businesses across the country will increase the “canine employment rate” by opening their doors to employees’ furry, four-legged best friends for the 14th annual event to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to promote pet adoption.

Pet Sitters International (PSI), event creator, and 2012 event partner the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) are offering pet owners interested in participating in Take Your Dog To Work Day (TYDTWDay®) a free on-demand webinar, “Creating a Pet-Friendly Workplace,” available on the event Web site,

In addition, PSI and APDT provide pet owners these seven tips to ensure their pets have a successful office visit:

1. Do an office check. No one will mind your dog being in the office, right? Well, maybe. Check with management and co-workers to see if anyone is allergic, afraid of dogs or opposed to you bringing your dog to work on this special day. Be respectful of those you work with and plan an alternate celebration, if necessary.

2. Puppy-proof your work space. If you plan on working with your dog, make sure your office environment is safe. Install a pet gate to keep pets (and co-workers!) safe, secure, and comfortable. Remove poisonous plants, hide electrical cords and wires and secure toxic items such as ink cartridges and permanent markers. Any office items in question should be placed out of paw’s reach. Research a poison listing at

3. Make sure Fido is fit for work. Even dogs don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Be sure your dog’s shots are current. Make plans to have your dog bathed, groomed and free of internal and external parasites before accompanying you to work. Be mindful of your dog’s “work-readiness.” Ask yourself “Will my dog enjoy this, be content and relaxed?” If not, then your pet would be happier left at home. Consider how your dog has behaved in the past around strangers before making the decision to bring him – if your dog has shown fear, irritability or aggression, or if your dog has never met strangers, the workplace is not the best place for him. Instead, consider bringing a favorite picture of your pooch to celebrate the day.

Some workplaces may require that dogs have been assessed through programs such as APDT’s Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) program. If bringing your dog to the office is a goal, work with a trainer in a class or private setting first until your dog is ready. Look for a C.L.A.S.S. evaluator in your area at

4. Prepare a doggie bag. Include food, treats, bowls, toys, leash, paper towels, clean-up bags and pet-safe disinfectant. If you are routinely in and out of your work space, consider bringing a baby gate for your doorway or a portable kennel for your dog’s comfort and your peace of mind.

5. Plan your pet’s feeding times carefully. During an important sales call is probably not the best time for a puppy potty break. Plan your dog’s feeding time around your work schedule and be sure to choose an appropriate area for your dog to relieve himself afterward.

6. Avoid forcing co-workers to interact with your dog. Dog lovers will make themselves known. Sally from accounting and Joe in human resources may not want to play fetch or offer belly rubs, so be mindful of fellow employees’ time and space. Also, be sure to have signage on your office door that indicates a dog is inside.

To avoid pet accidents or belly aches, monitor the amount and type of treats your pet is offered. Remember that chocolate, candy and other people food should not be shared with dogs and that not all non-dog owners will be aware that these items can be very toxic to your pooch.

7. Have an exit strategy. Although most dogs enjoy TYDTWDay, your pet may not. Should your dog become overly boisterous, stressed, agitated or withdrawn, consider taking him or her home or plan in advance for your professional pet sitter to offer a midday check-in visit. Never, under any circumstance, leave your pet alone in a vehicle while you work.

For more information about planning a successful TYDTWDay event for your place of business and to download a free action pack, visit To find a professional pet sitter to offer midday walks for participating dogs, visit the Official Pet Sitter Locator at Learn more about APDT at

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