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Door Handle Hygiene Risk Dispelled By Kimberly Clark Study

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(PRWEB UK) 31 May 2012

Leading online interior door handles supplier for the UK, Door Handles LTD welcomes the results from one of the most in depth studies into hygiene in the workplace by Kimberly Clark Professional. It has previously been suggested in reports such as Rod Moser, PA, PhD that door handles are the most high risk areas of infection in a work environment due to the high levels of contact but Kimberly Clark Professionals new study sheds new light on this issue.

In the new findings from Kimberly Clark Professional called ‘The Healthy Workplace Project’ their hygienists collected over 5000 swabs from different offices and from over 3000 employees. These were taken from a broad variety of different types of businesses such as accountancy firms, calls centres and health centres etc.

The results that were found to be the highest contaminated areas with an ATP of 300 or higher was sink tap handles coming in top with 75 percent being infected. This might not come as such as surprise to some as people often touch a tap handle BEFORE washing their hands and often touch it AGAIN when finished thereby leading to recontamination.

Next on the list was microwave door handles with 48 percent found to have the dreaded ATP of 300. This result may not be as obvious as the previous but in a busy office with lots of employees something like a microwave can generate a high volume of traffic, specifically because there is often only one per kitchen in the average workplace.

Further down the list are keyboards at 27 percent. This is a piece of equipment that tends to be used on a regular basis and can easily build up high levels of bacteria due to dirt getting trapped between the keys. However the keyboard is often a personal piece of equipment and tends to be used by the same person so the level of bacteria can often come down to the person who is using. Shared keyboards would be much more likely to have a higher level of contamination than 27 percent.

The purpose of the study is to highlight the hidden dangers in the workplace and to make managers and staff away of the risks of shared surfaces as infection can lead to illness. It emphasises the requirement to disinfect work environments on a regular basis so that the risk of infection is lowered.

Door Handles LTD had previously quoted the Infectious Diseases Society of America, as reported by the BBC regarding the properties of copper door handles being able to reduce infection by up to 40 percent. However it is not always practical to use copper door handles and the company welcomes the fact that office managers no longer need feel pressured into buying copper due to health and safety.

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