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24,000 illegal motorists in the UK: Bolton Business Owner encourages employers to review their vetting procedures

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Bolton, Lancashire (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Research released by the Licence Bureau this week has estimated that there are approximately 24,000 illegal motorists on Britain’s roads. The figure is based on the regular checks executed on a weekly basis. Using statistics from 2011, the Licence Bureau estimated that an average 1 in every 300 checked licenses were invalid making the drivers illegal.

‘As an employer where the majority of your workforce are drivers and your productivity is reliant on a fleet of vehicles, the results of this research are indicative of some of the issues facing our safety,’ says Roy Ganley, director of Bolton based First Step Leasing providing lease vans to a number of companies across the UK. ‘You can ensure that you own driving practices are safe, but there’s always that added element of risk involved from other motorists, particularly if there’s a chance that they’re driving illegally.’

The Licence Bureau also noted that of the illegal drivers, 9% had previously been disqualified, 31% had their licences revoked and 43% had never actually been legal drivers and were operating with a standard provisional licence.

‘This is a wake-up call for small businesses that are recruiting drivers,’ says lease vans supplier, Roy Ganley. ‘It is essential to carry out essential background checks to establish the status of a potential employees’ license, as should they ‘slip through the net’ when they’re stopped by the police, it is not just them that is penalised for the offence, it’s their employer too.’

The Licence Bureau verifies driving licences on behalf of companies across the UK, and as the result of a freedom of information request submitted to the DVLA, it was revealed that approximately 652, 380 UK motorists had either a revoked or disqualified status. This is represented by 2% of the total amount of drivers on the DVLA’s database.

‘The research of course does not explain how and why someone’s license status came to be,’ says lease vans supplier, Roy Ganley. ‘An individual may have been prosecuted for dangerous or drunk driving previously, and it’s these illegal motorists which risk the safety of other, legitimate road users.’

‘Driving is the most dangerous activity that most employees undertake as part of their working day,’ says Chief Executive of the Licence Bureau, Malcolm Maycock. ‘Most small businesses and enterprises have one company vehicle nowadays, which is essential to their existence,’ says Roy Ganley who offers lease vans and van lease purchase opportunities.

‘If anything happened to either the driver or vehicle during their working day, it could drastically affect productivity until the matter is resolved. This is an unwanted headache for newer businesses who are just finding their feet- the lack of an essential driver and company vehicle could create financial issues that smaller companies may be unable to recover from.’

‘Time and time again we see drivers have made false statements to their employers about their licenses,’ says Maycock. ‘When you consider the number of hours and number of miles a person does when driving for business you can understand why we say that the ‘road risk’ is magnified by five-fold.’

‘When a business is born, it is crucial that there are no situations which could affect the reputation or productivity of the company,’ says Roy Ganley of First Step Leasing who provides van lease purchase and van hire purchase services to a number of UK based companies. ‘This especially concerns smaller companies that rely on leasing vans or vehicle hire as a crucial aspect of their services.’

‘We want all companies based in the UK to play a part in making the nation’s roads by checking the validity of their drivers’ documents,’ says Maycock. ‘In the long run they will be protecting their business interest as well as protecting the safety of others.’

‘Implementing effective vetting procedures for new employees is essential,’ says Roy Ganley, who has worked within the motoring industry for a number of years offering van lease purchase plans and leasing vans for commercial use ‘As is ensuring that the correct safe driving procedures are rolled out and implemented by your driving staff. Whether purchasing or leasing vans for your business, safe working practices are key to company success and overall productivity.

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