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Top UK Sports Nutrition Company unveils new Vegan Protein

Reflex Nutrition, top UK sports nutrition manufacturer, introduces a truly unique vegan protein powder which delivers an exceptional nutritional profile that's perfect for all sports people

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LONDON, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Available throughout Europe from the beginning of June, new Vegan Protein is one of only a handful of protein powders that is specifically formulated for Vegans. It has to be one of the greenest protein powders in the world, not only is it derived from an environmentally sound crop of peas but it's also made using 100% Green Energy.

The vegan sourced protein in Vegan Protein is made from a patented manufacturing process. The unique and environmentally friendly process extracts pure European pea protein using water and no chemicals. This has led to what Reflex Nutrition believe to be the perfect instant mixing vegan protein powder that's highly digestible and directly comparable to the best animal sources of protein like whey, eggs and milk. The great tasting instant mixing protein powder provides 75% protein that has 98% digestibility and a great amino acid score of 95%.

The research and development team at Reflex Nutrition are also keen to point out that the critically important Branch Chain Amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, which are responsible for building, repairing and maintaining muscle tissue are in abundance; in fact pea protein contains more BCAAs than the best egg white protein. Further Pea Protein contains up to double the amount of Arginine, responsible for growth, repair and Nitric Oxide synthesis, when compared to whey protein.

Managing Director James Phillips comments,

"We've wanted to manufacture a truly first class vegan protein powder for a number of years and it's taken plenty of research & development to bring us to the point when we felt we were happy with finished product. We thoroughly researched a number of vegan based proteins but only one was deemed suitable. The protein needed to hypoallergenic, environmentally sound and provide an exceptional nutritional profile. In conjunction with this we were waiting for a natural sweetener to use in the product, Stevia was the obvious choice which became legal for use in food product late last year. I'm very impressed with Reflex Vegan Protein, it ticks all boxes for Vegans and it represents excellent value for money."

Vegan Protein will be available from the beginning of June with a RRP of 44.95 pounds Sterling for a 2.1kg tub.

Reflex Nutrition is the U.K's No.1 sports nutrition manufacturer, operating from their new state of the art facilities at The Science Park on the outskirts of Brighton.


Media Contact:

James Phillips
+44 1273 303817

SOURCE Reflex Nutrition