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Global Securities Industry

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NEW YORK, May 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Global Securities Industry

The global outlook series on the Securities Industry provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. Illustrated with 24 fact-rich market data tables, the report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry and highlights latest trends and demand drivers. Regional markets briefly abstracted and covered include US, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom) Asia-Pacific (China and India) and Latin America. The report offers a compilation of recent mergers, acquisitions, and strategic corporate developments. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 498 companies worldwide.

1. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW 1Securitization Catches Up with Developing Markets 1Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Decline 1Outlook 2Trends/Issues 2Greater Emphasis On Risk Management, Post Recession 2PE Investments in BRIC Countries: A Review 3Table 1: Worldwide Private Equity Industry (2011):Percentage Breakdown of Investment by Region - Europe, USand Rest of World 4Global Fund Managers Pin Hopes on Emerging Markets 4Challenges in Unlocking Potential of Developing Markets 5Problems Faced by Traditional Value Schemes 5Hedge Funds 5Relocation 5Global CDO Market Collapses 6Table 2: Global CDO Market Issuance (2009 & 2010): Data inUS$ Billion by Issuance Type - Cash Flow and Hybrid, MarketValue, and Synthetic Funded 6

Table 3: Global CDO Market Issuance (2010): Data in US$

Billion by Currency Type - Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollar,

Yen, & Others 7

Table 4: Global CDO Market Issuance (2010): Data in US$Billion by Underlying Collateral - High Yield Loans, HighYield Bonds, Investment Grade Bonds, and Structured Finance 7Hedge Funds- Overview 8Global Fund Management Industry - Overview of Recent Past 8Table 5: Global Financial Services Market (2011): PercentageBreakdown of Assets Under Management by Type - ConventionalInvestment Management Assets, Non-Conventional InvestmentManagement Assets and Private Wealth 9Global Derivatives Market: Recent Past 10Technology - Advantages and Challenges 10Openness Towards Non-Traditional Listing Venues 11Innovations and New Market Challenges 11Need for Effective Risk Management to Overcome Systemic Risks 12Increasing Competitiveness- The Way Forward 12






Corporate Bond Issues Decline 36

Table 6: Equity and Bond Ownership Patterns in the United

States (2011): Percentage Breakdown of Number of Households

by Type of Investments 36

Table 7: Equity and Bond Ownership Patterns in the UnitedStates (2011): Percentage Breakdown of Number of Householdsby Income Group 36The State of the Asset-Backed Securities Market 37Table 8: US Asset Backed Securities Issuance (2011):Percentage Breakdown of Issuance Value bySub-segments-Student Loan, Auto Dealer Inventory & RelatedAssets, Non-US Mortgages, Credit Card, and Others 38CMBS Market Witnessing Recovery 38US Securities Brokering Market Poised to Recover 39Table 9: US Securities Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown ofRevenues by Category for Commissions, Trading Gain (Loss),Investment Account Gain (Loss), Margin Interest, Mutual FundSale Revenue, Fees, Asset Management, Commodities Revenue andOthers 39Brokers/Dealers 39Major Firms 39Regional Brokers 40New York City (NYC) Area Regionals 40Discounters 40Compliance Costs 40Key Statistical Findings 41Table 10: Corporate Issuance in the US (2009 & 2010): Valuein US$ Billion by Activity-Straight Corporate Debt,Convertible Debt, Asset Backed Debt, Non-Agency MBS, CommonStock, and Preferred Stock 41

Table 11: Stock Market Performance in the US (2009 & 2010):

Value Traded (Daily Avg., US$ Billions) for NYSE and NASDAQ 42

Table 12: Bonds Issuance in the US (2009, 2010 & 2011 Q2):Value in US$ by Category-Municipal, Treasury,Mortgage-Related, Corporate Debt, Securities and Asset BackedSecurities 42

Table 13: Mutual Fund Assets in the US (2009 & 2010): Value

in US$ Billion by Category-Equity, Hybrid, Bond and Money

Market 43

Table 14: Mortgage-Related Issuance in the US (2009 & 2010):Value in US$ Billion by Category-Agency (FDIC/NCUA) andNon-Agency (CMBS and RMBS) 43

Table 15: Outstanding Bond Market Debt in the US (2009 &

2010): Percentage Breakdown by Category-Municipal, Treasury,

Mortgage-Related, Corporate Debt, Federal Agency Securities,

Money Markets, and Asset-Backed Securities 44

Table 16: Federal Agency Debt Outstanding in the US (2010):Value in US$ Million by Category-Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,Farm Credit, FHLB, Farmer Mac and TVA 44

Table 17: Corporate Debt Outstanding in the US (2008):

Percentage Breakdown by Financial Sector- Finance Companies,

Commercial Banking, Funding Corporation, REITs, Brokers &

Dealers, and Savings Institutions 45

Table 18: Repo Trade Submitted to the GSD in the US (2008):Percentage Breakdown by Category-Treasury Notes, TreasuryBills, Treasury Bonds, Federal Agency, and Others 45

2. CANADA 46

Industry Overview 46

Integrated Firms 46

Retail Firms 46

Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) 46

Growing Popularity of the Canadian Securities Industry 47

3. JAPAN 48Tsunami Tests Insurance-Linked Securities Market 48Economic Recovery Jumpstarts Stock Markets 48

4. EUROPE 50

Market Overview 50

Table 19: Securitization in Europe (2010): Value in US$

Million by Asset Class- Auto, Consumer, Credit Cards, Leases,

Other ABS, CDO, CMBS, Mixed MBS, RMBS, SME, and Other WBS 51

Table 20: Securitization Issuance in Europe (2009 & 2011):Value in US$ Million by Select GeographicRegion/Country-Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland,Italy, Multinational, Netherlands, Other, Pan Europe,Portugal, Russian Federation, Spain and United Kingdom 52

4a. FRANCE 53

CMBS Market 53

Table 21: Securitization Issuance in France (2010): Value in

US$ Million by Asset Class-Auto, CDO, RMBS, SME and Others 53

4b. GERMANY 54Table 22: Securitization Issuance in Germany (2010): Value inUS$ Million by Asset Class-Auto, Consumer, Leases, RMBS andSME 54


Fund Management Industry: An Overview 55

Table 23: Securitization Issuance in the UK (2010): Value in

US$ Million by Asset Class-Credit Card, CDO, CMBS, RMBS, SME,

and Others 55

4d. ITALY 56Securities Lending Industry - An Overview 56Securities Lending Market Recovers Quickly 56


Asset Managers Place High Stakes on Asia 57

New Entrants Boost Security Lending Market 57

Asian Markets to Lead the Way Ahead 58

5a. CHINA 59Long-term Drivers of Chinese Securities Market 59Securities Market Regulation Scenario 59China's Security Service Obligations - WTO Accession 59Government Priorities for a Better Securities Market 60

5b. INDIA 62

Recent Changes in Securities Exchange Regulatory Framework 62

Table 24: Indian Securities Market (2009 & 2010): Number of

Market Participants 63


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