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Press Release

Longevity Welding Launches New and Enhanced CNC Machines

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California (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

“Science has helped every sector grow and generally it has done the favor to the industrial sector. This time science has blessed us with technological impovements in CNC Machines and we are one of the first in the market to prvide customers with these new improved machines.” said Simon Katz, President at Longevity Welding. In short CNC means Computer Numerical Control designed to control the cutting with quality edge. It works simply when the design ids are loaded in to the computer and it is attached with the CNC. The machine then changes the entire design into a special numerical code to shape the material. With the help of double sided tape, the material in process of shaping is taped to the block. Care is to be taken that the material doesn’t come off from the machinery. The block then gets placed and positioned accurately in the CNC machine. The welding machine guard is then placed in proper position. If the material by any means comes out of the vice it is protected by the guard. The welding machine is positioned in such a way that if the guard is not in place, motor will not start functioning. Turning the CNC machine on will cut the material in any shape you desire. Stopping the cutter will remove the material from vice.

Longevity Welding offers a high quality CNC machine to enable high class cutting and welding. In any kind of industry it is neither practically possible nor profitable to cut and design day to day products with no machine at place. All these problems are overcome by Computer Numerical Control machines. Production is done in anticipation of demand and a welding machine operated technique will prove to be cost effective. With the help of design software the basic design is prepared and then it is processed with computer operations. Later it is manufactured with the help of computer numerical control machines. The parts essential in the machine includes The Vice, The Guard, The Chuck, The Motor, The Lathe Bed, and The Cutting Tool.

The Vice holds up the material in process of cutting or shaping. It is essential to hold up the material securely or it may fly. The person using the welding machine is protected with the help of Guard. If the metal pieces hit person it may lead to injuries. This danger can be avoided with the help of guard. The material placed for shaping is held by The Chuck. The Motor enclosed in the machine helps to rotate the chuck faster. Machine base, The Lathe Bed is bolted down to avoid extra vibrations. Cutting tools are discovered with the help of high end steel and leads to quality cutting of materials. A table to support the cutting will be perfect for a smooth procedure. With greater than before automation and better mechanized process the cutting system is improvised. CNC machine technology in markets has changed over the cutting skill positively. Quality cutting is assured with the help of computerized working. Longevity Welding CNC machine is on a roll and increasing popularity from time to time. It is a good idea to make use of such computerized machine technologies over others available in market. Improve the cutting efficiency with a Computer Numerical Control technology and feel the difference in industry.

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