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New Study Finds Men are More Charitable than Women

Men give more money and more often to charity

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The results of a national survey released today by BiddingForGood, a marketplace that connects consumers and marketers to nonprofits and schools by hosting online and mobile charity auctions, found that men give more money, more frequently to charitable causes than women. According to the results, 52 percent of men who donate to charity say they do so every week or month compared to 42 percent of women. Also male respondents were more likely to give larger contributions, with 62 percent of men giving more than $500 a year to charity compared to 46 percent of women.

"We didn't think we would see as wide of a spread as we did between genders," said Jon Carson, BiddingForGood's CEO. "We know from our work that it's not all about dollars but also about time spent and there are a significant number of women who volunteer on a regular basis instead of or in addition to making generous monetary contributions."

When it comes to making one-time contributions, women still report giving less. BiddingForGood's survey found that 29 percent of men report giving more than $100 each time they contribute to a charity compared to 21 percent of women.

"In our work within the nonprofit fundraising auction space, we generally see that men bid on a smaller number of bigger ticket items while women tend to bid on a larger array of smaller ticket items," said Carson.

There were some similarities between the genders. When asked to rank the areas that they support with the most donations, the top five categories were consistent across gender. They were:

  1. Health and Human Services
  2. Faith Based Charities
  3. Arts and Culture
  4. Education
  5. Animal Welfare

But there was some variation in the types of charitable causes men and women are more passionate about. Women for instance were 13 percentage points more likely to support animal welfare causes whereas men were 8 percentage points more likely to supporting environmental causes.

"In tough economic times, charities and nonprofits are forced to compete for donor dollars," said Carson. "We wanted to collect this data to illuminate similarities and differences in charitable giving, in an effort to help nonprofits, schools and other causes better understand their donor base."

More information and an infographic are available for download. Follow us on Twitter @BiddingForGood.


BiddingForGood commissioned Research Now to conduct the survey using its Valued Opinions and Social Media panels, and screened for respondents age 18 and over who reported giving to charity in the past. The sample was balanced by U.S. census age, gender, ethnicity and region.  This research is based on responses to a national online blind survey taken by 500 people from April 10-13, 2012 with a margin of error +/- 4%.

About BiddingForGood

BiddingForGood is a charitable e-commerce company that connects fundraisers, shoppers and businesses. Online auctions powered by BiddingForGood have generated over $150 million for nonprofit organizations and schools. Many of the top private and public schools and nonprofits in the country use the BiddingForGood platform. The 275,000+ shoppers in our Bidder Community are buying unique and valuable items across our many auctions - all to support the important organizations and causes they care about. Businesses are unlocking new sources of value while managing their philanthropic outreach and impact, and are discovering unique, powerful ways to reach new customers within our community.

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