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Press Release

LoiLoScope and the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors technology; Full HD videos to MP4 videos, conversion time reduced to 60%!

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Yokohama, Japan (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

LoiLo Inc. integrated the Media SDK 2012 of Intel Corporation and is starting to sell the download version of the new LoiLoScope, version 2.5, which is optimized for all new PCs equipped with the 3rd generation of Intel® Core™ processors family.
LoiLoScope files preview, when editing h.264 files as AVCHD, MP4, MOV (etc.) video files, is now smoother and the output speed is faster than the previous version (LoiLoScope
That means 60% less time than normal output time for AVCHD format.    

(QSV is the abbreviation of Quick Sync Video and it’s designated the hardware accelerator)

To compare and verify conversion time (in seconds) tests were made with LoiLoScope2.5 to convert a 60 seconds AVCHD video into MP4 video.
Results showed it’s possible to convert with a reduction of 60% of conversion time.
LoiLoScope 2.5 achieved phenomenal output speed with 1.4 times faster than the 2nd generation of Intel® Core™ processors and 13 times faster than the 1st generation of Intel® Core™ processors, Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.8GHz processors.

Also, LoiLoScope 2.5 has new features like disaster prevention contribution feature.  
For more details:
With the GPU based video editing software, LoiLoScope, appreciate, more than any other company’s software, the high performance of the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors experience. 
Because of the achievement of reducing 60% of time than normal output / conversion time of videos, LoiLoScope2.5 allows to:

  •     To create in high speed your Blu-Ray disks of AVCHD videos
  •     To write back in high speed on cameras (SD card)
  •     To convert in high speed your videos to be played on portable devices like iPhone
  •     To simplify the web uploads like Facebook or YouTube uploads
  •     To edit Full HD videos , high video quality on reasonable price PC 
LoiLoScope2.5  New Features:
     - Support the fast video output of Intel Corporation’s MSDK2012. Full HD videos conversion
         time reduced to 60% of the normal conversion time!
     - Disaster prevention contribution videos with the new Stopwatch feature
     - Support the no time limitation of YouTube. No time limitation for uploads within 20GB
     - Add new portable devices like New iPad, PSPvita to output to.
     - New dubbing feature
     - Add color keys. To change a selected color to a transparent color onto videos or photos

Download LoiLoScope2.5 from here:
Find the screen shots here:

Products                                                Prices
LoiLoScope2.5 (Download)                        98.00$
LoiLoScope2.5 (CD-Rom with the box)        177.00$ (available on

What is Intel Media SDK 2012?
Intel Media SDK 2012 is developed by Intel Corporation. It’s a multi-platform API which allows developing high speed and high image quality video solutions through Intel’s processors and graphics processors.

What is LoiLoScope?
“LoiLoScope” is high speed video editing software with the world first technology which use fully PC specifications.
Combine different formats of files, add effects and play in real time when editing video at phenomenal speed and deal easily any videos, pictures and music files from any devices.
Even if you edit videos for the first time, you can do whatever you want to do without hours of training and enjoy the ease to use you never experienced before. It is just simple as organizing playing cards on the table.
Use your iPhone, DVD, Blu-Ray or YouTube, Facebook etc. to share easily your videos and photos with your friends.
For more details:
Core Competence:The World First!Faster video processing with full GPU acceleration

  •     GPU acceleration H.264 Decode
  •     GPU acceleration H.264 Encode
  •     GPU acceleration video image processing(effect, composite, transition)
  •     GPU acceleration User Interface

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