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Press Release

Apple Gets Qello HD Concerts App

Qello Inks Licensing Deal With EMI

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, May 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Qello, the streaming HD concert app, is making its long-anticipated splash across Apple's iOS platform, giving Apple users access to the world's largest library of the highest quality concert films and music documentaries.


Already named The Best iOS App to Watch on Apple TV, Qello is the premier source for HD concert films and music documentaries streamed on demand across multiple touch points.  Outfitted with the most extensive selection of HD concert films in the world, from the hottest new shows to a vast vault of legendary concerts, and powered by a proprietary cloud-based video streaming platform, Qello brings music aficionados to the front row of the concert anytime, anywhere. 

Expanding its offering, Qello recently inked a partnership deal with EMI, one of the world's largest music labels, adding prominent artists to the library such as Coldplay, Radiohead, Gorillaz, Norah Jones, and many more titles.  The EMI concerts will be available to stream on Qello within the next few weeks.  Eagle Rock, the world's largest producer of HD concert films and music documentaries, is also a key partner.

Qello CEO Brian Lisi says, "Qello represents a new dimension in HD concert entertainment that offers music lovers an easy-to-use way to engage in the live music experience whenever they want to – on any iOS device."

It's no secret that many Apple users are extremely passionate about music – just go to any concert and notice how many iPhones are held up in the air taking pictures or video.  Now, with the Qello app on iOS, these music fans can enjoy the carefully curated vault on their iPhone, iPad, on their Mac with the web app, and for a truly immersive home entertainment experience, on their Apple TV with Airplay.

Through a clean design and intuitive navigation, Qello users can search the catalog by genre, decade, or artist name.  For further discovery, Qello's Recommendations tool scans a user's iTunes library and suggests shows he or she is likely to enjoy.

Qello Setlists allows users to design and share the ultimate concert experience.  Whether they want to create an all-star rock concert with The Black Crows, The Doors, and Jeff Beck, or a dinner party set list with live concert moments from crooners such as Joss Stone, John Mayer, and Elvis Costello, Qello makes the process effortless.

Qello's free download is loaded with one track from every show, as well as Qello TV, a continuous stream of iconic concert footage.  For unlimited access to every concert in the entire vault, from the open to the encore, Qello offers an All-Access subscription for $4.99 per month.

About Qello

Qello is a cloud-based digital syndication service that streams HD-quality content to hundreds of millions of users across all new media devices using its proprietary platform.  This multi-dimensional platform is outfitted with the largest library of concert films in the world.  Qello is carving out new distribution channels through syndication and by providing thousands of hours of dynamic and exclusive HD concert film programming to music enthusiasts.  In addition to its music library, Qello offers traditional content providers a customized, dynamic solution that allows them to participate in the digital new media revolution.  Qello provides an alternative for content owners, in which multi-platform syndication is the cornerstone of the business.  With Qello, consumers find it, stream it, and watch it – anywhere, any time.