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Press Release

Budweiser Launches 'Track Your Bud'

Canada NewsWire

Track Your Bud Puts Quality Front and Centre by Digitally Tracing the Origin of Each Bottle or Can of Budweiser

TORONTO, May 7, 2012 /CNW/ - Budweiser - Canada's #1 beer brand - is encouraging Canadians to get to know their Budweiser better with the launch of Track Your Bud, a website that allows Canadians to digitally track their bottle or can of Budweiser to one of five Canadian breweries. Track Your Bud introduces beer fans to local Budweiser brewmasters, showcases Bud's ingredients and highlights the commitment to quality that goes into brewing every batch of Bud.

By using their smartphone to scan the QR code on Budweiser packaging or visiting, Canadians can enter the 10-digit Bud Code found on their bottle or can. The code - which represents brewery location and date that their Budweiser was bottled or canned - then takes users on a guided tour of their Bud's brewing by the brewmaster responsible. 

"Budweiser has a rich story and we want to tell it in an authentic, new way that demonstrates the pride and craftsmanship at our breweries that's been the backbone of Budweiser for generations," said Kyle Norrington, brand director, Budweiser Canada. "There are a lot of great people behind every bottle of Budweiser and Track Your Bud gives Canadians a way to meet our local brewmasters and see firsthand how passionate they are about brewing Budweiser."

Track Your Bud provides beer drinkers with visibility into the selection of ingredients, Budweiser's seven-step brewing process, when their beer began Budweiser's legendary beechwood aging and which brewmaster tasted it multiple times throughout the brew cycle to ensure their beer meets Budweiser's high quality standard.

"Brewing Budweiser is a balance of art, science and a lot of passion. It's a nod to brewing history with a commitment to respecting years of brewing craft and expertise," said Mark Hantiuk, certified Budweiser Brewmaster. "Budweiser is brewed using the highest quality ingredients - barley, malt, hops, rice and yeast - and is fermented for more than three weeks. We conduct more than 100 quality checks along the way to ensure perfect results. Results that Canadians know and love."

Budweiser has been brewed in Canada for more than 30 years by Labatt. Millions of bottles of Budweiser are brewed at local breweries every year using local talent, raw materials and 165 years of brewing experience.

Budweiser is brewed in London, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax and St. John's. Labatt's local breweries play an important role in the community and continue to ensure that the freshest beer possible is delivered to Canadians.

For more information about the new Budweiser "Track Your Bud" program, check out

About Budweiser

Budweiser - the King of Beers and the #1 beer in Canada - has been brewed since 1876. Brewed in Canada for more than 30 years, Budweiser uses only the finest ingredients without any artificial additives or preservatives. Budweiser is distinguished by its clean, crisp, distinctive flavour, the result of a unique beechwood aging process. or