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Press Release

Ecotonix Launches Green Cycler: the First Consumer-Level Food Shredder and Recycling Appliance Makes Organics Recovery Clean, Easy and Stylish

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Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 29, 2012

Composting, organic gardening and food scrap recycling will take a progressive step forward with the introduction of Green Cycler the only countertop appliance to eliminate the mess and hassle associated with recovering organic waste. The Green Cycler was invented to improve food scrap recovery, and after two-years in development, will debut in the Inventor's Spotlight section of the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV, May 1-3, 2012.

Patent-pending Green Cycler was invented by an avid organic gardener and home composter who was frustrated with the lack of intelligently designed products to fill the gap between her kitchen and compost heap. “I’ve been composting for 20 years and always searched for a product to shred and reduce food scraps in order to accelerate the composting process. Every solution I tried, including using a food processor for grinding, took too many steps, and had a significant ‘ick factor’. I decided to come up with my own,” said Gail Loos, inventor of the Green Cycler. "The key to fast composting is in the shredding of organic material. Hand-operated Green Cycler easily grinds through kitchen scraps--even sturdy fibrous material. This is the primary and significant feature that differentiates this appliance from other crocks, containers and bins."

Designed to be extremely convenient and mess-free, Green Cycler’s sleek profile is appropriate for countertop or cabinet. Kitchen-friendly features of the Green Cycler include a self-contained stainless-steel blade cartridge that allows the consumer to quickly and easily remove the entire grinding mechanism for dishwashing. An ergonomically designed storage and pouring container discourages pests while significantly reducing the volume of organic material through shredding and evaporation. The reduction process begins even while food scraps are in storage. The Green Cycler is equipped with industrial strength, lever-activated suction cups that keep the appliance anchored during shredding.

"Our goal is to provide an appliance that will change how consumers manage food scraps, and to make it clean & easy to keep them out of the trash. We’re encouraging people to shift how they think about these materials, from waste to resource," said Loos.

Green Cycler Neatly Recovers Valuable Food Scraps
The Green Cycler makes food scrap recycling more convenient and accessible for consumers by shredding, storing and reducing organics in an attractive, functional and kitchen-friendly appliance. Recycling food used to mean keeping a smelly "science experiment" to store scraps destined for green bin or compost pile. Green Cycler fills a glaring gap in the process by removing the barriers that have prevented many consumers from recycling food or composting.

Environmental Impact
Currently, about 25% of all the food prepared in the US ends up as landfill trash, where it creates large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more damaging than CO2, and costs about $1 Billion/year to dispose. Americans throw away a staggering 33 Million tons of food per year (US EPA) and is the single largest component of municipal solid waste. This plentiful resource is increasingly viewed as a potential fuel for composting and waste-to-energy systems. Green Cycler helps to efficiently protect and recover this resource at the consumer level.

About Ecotonix
Colorado-based Ecotonix is an entrepreneurial group that combines experience in financial management, intellectual property, product development, and consumer marketing. The company designs innovative organic waste reduction products for gardeners and environmentally conscious consumers.
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